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Product introduction

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Product introduction

Many ICs are equipped in automobiles which continue to evolve at a dizzying pace. For the purpose of safe driving, high quality automotive ICs are to be desired. Due to growing popularity of environmentally friendly vehicles such as hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), electric vehicles (EV), idle reduction vehicles etc., automotive ICs are also required to be low current consuming and provide precision sensing capabilities.
ABLIC Inc. offers a lineup of automotive ICs that meets the needs of the customer and of society by leveraging its “3-Zero Concept” consisting of “Zero Standby” low current consumption technology and “Zero Error” high precision technology cultivated by watch-making technology, and “Zero Defect” high quality products that our top-selling automotive EEPROM, etc. are aiming at.

AEC-Q100 level quality demanded by the automotive market

ABLIC Inc. uses AEC-Q100 standards defined by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) to verify the quality and reliability of its automotive ICs. Products that comply with production part approval process (PPAP) standards are also available. ABLIC Inc. customers can be fully confident that ABLIC Inc. products will deliver the high quality and reliability for their automotive application.

IATF16949 certified

ABLIC Inc. has obtained IATF16949 certification, a quality management system standard for the automotive industry. ABLIC Inc.’s automotive ICs are developed based on the IATF16949 standard.
ABLIC Inc. offers FIT rate calculated based on actual customer usage conditions in order to support customer functional safety design. For more information regarding our FIT rate calculation, contact our sales representatives.

Available Applications

Automotive ICs are categorized according to their application. The following symbols indicate the types of applications for which an IC can be used, corresponding to those symbols shown throughout the website for the products.
Be sure to contact our sales representatives before using the ICs for vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment.

Example applications: Safety critical components typified by engine, transmission, suspension and ABS, and EV/HEV/PHEV related equipment, etc.
Example applications
Safety critical components typified by engine, transmission, suspension and ABS, and EV/HEV/PHEV related equipment, etc.

Example applications: Meter, body, headlamp, ITS, etc.
Example applications
Meter, body,
headlamp, ITS, etc.

Example applications: Accessory, car navigation, car audio system, etc.
Example applications
Accessory, car navigation,
car audio system, etc.

Fig.2 an Example of the circuit with ABLIC’s automotive ICs
Fig.2 an Example of the circuit with ABLIC’s automotive ICs



Product GroupSeries Name
(Product Summary)
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19212chip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19213CoreStaFF
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19243xxxHchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19243xxxAchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19244xxxHchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19244xxxAchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19310chip1stop
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19311chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Linear Regulator(LDO Regulator)S-19312chip1stop
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19100xxxHchip1stop
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19100xxxAchip1stop
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19101xxxHchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19101xxxAchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19102chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19103chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19104chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19105chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19106chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19107chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19108chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19109chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19110AxxA ~ S-19110HxxAchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19110AxxH ~ S-19110HxxHchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19110JxxA ~ S-19110RxxAchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Voltage Detectors (Reset ICs)S-19110JxxH ~ S-19110RxxHchip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19400chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19401chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19405CoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19500chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19501chip1stopCoreStaFF
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19502chip1stop
Automotive Watchdog TimerS-19503chip1stop
Automotive Switching Regulators (DC-DC Converters)S-19903CoreStaFF
Automotive Switching Regulators (DC-DC Converters)S-19933A/BCoreStaFF
Automotive Switching Regulators (DC-DC Converters)S-19933C/DCoreStaFF
Automotive Antenna Diagnosis ICsS-19680chip1stop
Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs / EDLC Protection ICsS-19190chip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs / EDLC Protection ICsS-8235ADigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-24CS01A HDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-24CS02A HDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-24CS04A HDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A010Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A020Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A040Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A080Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A160Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A320Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A640Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A080Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A160Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A320Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A640Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A128Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A256Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93A46Bchip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93A56Bchip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93A66Bchip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93A76Bchip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93A86Bchip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93S46ACoreStaFF
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93S56ACoreStaFF
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-93S66ACoreStaFF
Automotive Serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)S-25A128Bchip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Magnetic sensor ICs (Hall effect ICs)S-57P1 SDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Magnetic sensor ICs (Hall effect ICs)S-57TZ SMOUSER
Automotive Operational AmplifiersS-19610Achip1stopDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Operational AmplifiersS-19611Achip1stopCoreStaFFDigi-KeyMOUSER
Automotive Operational AmplifiersS-19630ACoreStaFFDigi-Key

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