CMOS Temperature Sensor IC S-58LM20A Series

The S-58LM20A Series is a high-accuracy temperature sensor IC on a single chip, provides output voltage which is linear against the temperature change. Each chip consists of a temperature sensor, a constant current circuit, and an operational amplifier. This IC is able to be used under the wide temperature range of –55°C to 130°C. This IC has much better linearity than other conventional temperature sensors such as thermistor, it is possible to achieve the extensive application for temperature control.


Accuracy against temperature
±2.5°C (−55 to +130°C)
Linear output voltage
−11.77 mV/°C Typ.
Ta = −30°C: 2.205 V Typ.
Ta = +30°C: 1.515 V Typ.
Ta = +130°C: 0.303 V Typ.
±0.4% Typ. (−20 to +80°C)
Operation in wide range of power supply voltage
VDD = 2.4 to 5.5 V (−30 to +130°C),
VDD = 2.7 to 5.5 V (−55 to +130°C)
Low current consumption
4.5 µA Typ. (+25°C) 6.0 µA Max. (−55 to +130°C)
Built-in operational amplifier
Lead-free product


  • Compensation of high-frequency circuits such as cellular phones and radio equipment
  • Compensation of oscillation frequency in crystal oscillator
  • LCD contrast compensation
  • Compensation of amplifier gain
  • Compensation of auto focus circuits
  • Temperature detection in battery management
  • Overheating prevention for charged batteries or halogen lights

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