SPI-Bus Serial EEPROM S-25C080A

The S-25C080A is a SPI serial E²PROM which operates at high speed, with low current consumption and the wide range operation. The S-25C080A has the capacity of 8 Kbit and the organization of 1024 words x 8-bit. Page write and sequential read are available.


Operating voltage range
Read: 1.6 V to 5.5 V
Write: 1.7 V to 5.5 V
Operation frequency
5.0 MHz (Vcc = 2.5 to 5.5 V)
Write time
4.0 ms Max.
SPI mode (0, 0) and (1, 1)
Page write
32 bytes/page
Sequential read
Page Write
Software, Hardware
Protect area: 25%, 50%, 100%
Monitors write to the memory by a status register
Function to prevent malfunction by monitoring clock pulse
Write protect function during the low power supply
CMOS schmitt input (CS, SCK, SI, WP, HOLD)
106 cycles / word*1 (Ta = +25°C)
Data retention
100 years (Ta =+25°C)
Memory capacity
Initial shipment data
FFh, SRWD=0, BP1=0, BP0=0
Lead-free, Sn 100%, halogen-free*2

*1. For each address (Word: 8-bit)
*2. Refer to "Product Name Structure" of the data sheet for details.

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
    however, these have now been unified into “lead-free and halogen-free” and are identical in terms of environmental quality.
  • Note: Lead-free plating other than 100% Sn is applied to some limited old products, therefore, please contact our sales representatives for details.
  • These descriptions may be different from the actual product name and parameter.
    Please confirm the product name and specifications with the data sheet again.
  • The information herein is subject to change without notice.