High-Withstand Voltage High-Speed Unipolar Detection Type Hall Effect Switch IC S-5731 Series

DatasheetJan. 05, 2018

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The S-5731 Series, developed by CMOS technology, is a unipolar detection type Hall effect switch IC with high-withstand voltage, highspeed detection and high-accuracy magnetic characteristics.
The output voltage changes when the S-5731 Series detects the intensity level of magnetic flux density. Using the S-5731 Series with a magnet makes it possible to detect the open / close and rotation status in various devices.
The S-5731 Series includes an output current limit circuit.
High-density mounting is possible by using the small SOT-23-3 package.
Due to its high-accuracy magnetic characteristics, the S-5731 Series can make operation’s dispersion in the system combined with magnet smaller.

Caution : This product is intended to use in general electronic devices such as consumer electronics, office equipment, and communications devices. Before using the product in medical equipment or automobile equipment including car audio, keyless entry and engine control unit, contact to ABLIC Inc. is indispensable.

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Pole detection *1
Detection of S pole, detection of N pole
Output logic*1
Active “L”, active “H”
Output form *1
Nch open-drain output,
Nch driver + built-in pull-up resistor
Magnetic sensitivity *1
Bop = 3.0 mT typ., Bop = 6.0 mT typ.
Chopping frequency
fc = 250 kHz typ.
Output delay time
td = 16.0 μs typ.
Power supply voltage range
Vdd = 3.5 V to 26.0 V
Built-in regulator
Built-in output current limit circuit
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +85°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free

*1. The option can be selected.


  • Home appliance
  • DC brushless motor
  • Housing equipment
  • Industrial equipment