Symbiosis with Local Communities

As a good corporate citizen, we aim to be an open company that engages in dialog with society and discloses information appropriately. We also actively implement social contribution activities. In our global business, we respect the cultures and customs of the countries in which we do business and strive to do business based on a foundation of mutual trust with local communities.

Examples of Activities

Factory tours

At our Akita Unit we offer factory tours to members of the community, providing an overview of the unit’s business and environmental activities. As part of our cultural exchange activities with international students, our Takatsuka Unit also provides factory tour opportunities.

Traffic safety instruction

Our Akita Unit offers traffic safety monitoring instruction during traffic safety week.

Community cleanup activities

Both our Takatsuka and Akita Units regularly clean up and weed their surrounding areas (once or twice per year), contributing to the beautification of the community.

Development support

The Akita Unit provides ongoing work experience opportunities (lasting three to five days) for local senior high school and university students that will shortly be entering the working world. They also provide work experience opportunities to students with disabilities. The Takatsuka Unit also provides extracurricular workplace experiences for local elementary school students.

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