Power Management ICs

5.6 V Input, 200 mA, Low EMI, Synchronous Step-down Switching Regulator with 260 nA Quiescent Current S-85M1A Series (WLP product)

The S-85M1A Series introduces own distinctive low power consumption control and COT (Constant On-Time) control and features ultra low current consumption and fast transient response. PWM / PFM switching control automatically switches to PFM control when under light load, and the IC operates at ultra low current consumption of 260 nA quiescent current. The S-85M1A Series realizes high efficiency in a wide range of load current consumption and provides strong support for extended period operation of mobile devices and wearable devices which are equipped with compact batteries.
In addition, WLP-6L package suitable for high-density mounting is adopted, it contributes to miniaturization of electronic equipment. By using external parts recommended in this datasheet, the occupancy area can be reduced to 2.0 mm × 3.3 mm = 6.6 mm2.
Since the S-85M1A Series suppressing EMI emission minimally, allows for high efficiency, it is adequate for applications such as wireless communication, GPS and other noise-affected devices.


Ultra low current consumption
260 nA quiescent current
Efficiency (when under 100 μA load)
Fast transient response
COT control
Input voltage
2.2 V to 5.6 V
Output voltage
0.7 V to 2.5 V, in 0.05 V step
2.6 V to 3.9 V, in 0.1 V step
Output voltage accuracy
±1.5% (1.0 V ≤ VOUT ≤ 3.9 V)
±15 mV (0.7 V ≤ VOUT < 1.0 V)
Switching frequency
1.0 MHz (at PWM operation)
High side power MOS FET on-resistance
360 mΩ
Low side power MOS FET on-resistance
250 mΩ
Soft-start function
1 ms typ.
Under voltage lockout function (UVLO)
1.8 V typ. (detection voltage)
Thermal shutdown function
135°C typ. (detection temperature)
Overcurrent protection function
450 mA (at L = 2.2 μH)
Automatic recovery type short-circuit protection function
Hiccup control
Discharge shunt function
(S-85M1A Series B type)
(S-85M1A Series C type)
Input and output capacitors
Ceramic capacitor compatible
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +85°C
Lead-free, halogen-free


  • Wearable device
  • Bluetooth device
  • Wireless sensor network device
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Smart meter
  • Portable game device
  • GPS device

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
    however, these have now been unified into “lead-free and halogen-free” and are identical in terms of environmental quality.
  • Note: Lead-free plating other than 100% Sn is applied to some limited old products, therefore, please contact our sales representatives for details.
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