Temperature Switch IC with S-5841 Series

The S-5841 Series is a temperature switch IC. The S-5841 Series has a built-in IC temperature sensor with the accuracy of ±2.5°C and detects the temperature. This IC restores the output voltage when the temperature drops to the level of release temperature. The S-5841 operates at the lower power supply voltage of 2.2 V and its current consumption is 10 µA Typ. due to CMOS configuration. A temperature sensor with the negative temperature coefficient, a reference voltage generation circuit and a comparator are integrated on one chip, and enclosed into the small packages SNT-6A and SOT-23-5.


Detection temperature
+40 to +100°C, 1°C steps,
detection accuracy:±2.5°C
Low voltage operation
VDD (min.) = 2.2 V (When the detection temperature is +55 to +100°C)
VDD (min.) = 2.6 V (When the detection temperature is +40 to +54°C)
Low current consumption
10 µA typ. (Ta = +25°C)
Hysteresis temperature can be switched in 0°C, 2°C, 4°C and 10°C
Selectable output logic in active high or low
Selectable output form in CMOS or Nch open drain
Lead-free products


  • Fan control
  • Air conditioning system
  • Various electronic device

Parts List

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