Automotive ICs

Automotive Convenience Timer

The super-low current consumption CMOS timer ICs are suitable for relative time management and enable the setting of the alarm time or the interval time arbitrarily.

Series Name
(Product Summary)
Data SheetQuartz CrystalFeaturesOperating
Series NameExternal FeaturesPackage
S-35710M NEW!PDFBuilt-inBuilt-in Quartz Crystal,  2-wire (I2C-bus)-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5HSOP-8Q
S-35710PDFExternal 2-wire (I2C-bus)-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35720PDFExternal with interrupt time setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35730PDFExternal clock pulse output with frequency setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35740PDFExternal 2-wire interval timer-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35750 [Under Development]External interval timer with fixed-cycle interrupt signal setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35760 [Under Development]External 2-wire interval timer with built-in timer of fixed interrupt time-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35770PDFExternal 2-wire counter-40 ~ +1251.5 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8

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