Series Name
(Product Summary)
Data SheetQuartz CrystalFeaturesOperating
Series NameExternal FeaturesPackage
S-35710M APDFBuilt-inBuilt-in Quartz Crystal,  2-wire (I2C-bus)-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5HSOP-8Q
S-35710 APDFExternal 2-wire (I2C-bus)-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35720 APDFExternal with interrupt time setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35730 APDFExternal clock pulse output with frequency setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35740 APDFExternal 2-wire interval timer-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35750 A [Under Development]External interval timer with fixed-cycle interrupt signal setting pin-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35760 A [Under Development]External 2-wire interval timer with built-in timer of fixed interrupt time-40 ~ +1251.8 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8
S-35770 APDFExternal 2-wire counter-40 ~ +1251.5 ~ 5.5TMSOP-8

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