Power Management ICs

6.5 V Input, 150 mA Voltage Regulator S-1167 Series

The S-1167 Series is a positive voltage regulator with ultra low current consumption, high ripple rejection, low drop voltage (LDO) and high output voltage accuracy developed based on CMOS technology. Although current consumption is very small with 9 µA typ., S-1167 Series realized the 70 dB of high ripple rejection rate. Besides a 1.0 µF ceramic capacitor is available as an input-and-output capacitor. Moreover, dropout voltage is also small since output voltage accuracy realizes ±1.0% of high accuracy, and the low-on-resistance transistor is built-in. A built-in Output current protector prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacitance of the output transistor. A shutdown circuit ensures long battery life. Two packages, SOT-23-5 and SNT-6A(H), are available. Compared with the voltage regulators using the conventional CMOS process, S-1167 Series is the most suitable for the portable equipments with ultra low current consumption and corresponding to the small package.


Output voltage
1.5 to 5.5 V, selectable in 0.1 V steps.
Low equivalent series resistance capacitor can be used
A ceramic capacitor of 1.0 µF or more can be used for the output capacitor.
Wide input voltage range
2.0 to 6.5 V
High-accuracy output voltage
Low dropout voltage (LDO)
150 mV typ.
(3.0 V output product, at Iout = 100 mA)
Low current consumption
During operation 9 µA typ. 16 µA max.,
During shutdown 0.1 µA typ. 0.9 µA max.
High peak current capacity
150 mA output is possible.
(at VinVout(s) + 1.0 V)*1
High ripple rejection
70 dB typ. (at 1.0 kHz, Vout = 3.0 V)
Built-in overcurrent protector
Overcurrent of output transistor can be restricted.
Built-in shutdown circuit
Ensures long battery life.
Lead-free products

*1. Attention should be paid to the power dissipation of the package when the output current is large.


  • Power supply for battery-powered devices
  • Power supply for cellular phones
  • Power supply for portable equipments

Standard Circuit

Standard Circuit

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
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