Power Management ICs

0.27 μA Current Consumption Voltage Detector with Delay Function (External Delay Time Setting) S-1009 Series

The S-1009 Series is a super high-accuracy voltage detectordeveloped using CMOS process. The detection voltage is fixed internally with an accuracy of ±0.5%. It operates with super low current consumption of 270 nA typ. The release signal can be delayed by setting a capacitor externally. Delay time accuracy is ±15%. Two output forms Nch open drain and CMOS output are available. Compared with conventional CMOS voltage detectors, the S-1009 Series is the most suitable for the portable devices due to the super-low current consumption, super high-accuracy and small packages.


Super-low current consumption
270 nA typ. (1.2 V ≤ −Vdet < 2.3 V)
Super high-accuracy detection voltage
±0.5% (2.4 V ≤ −Vdet ≤ 4.6 V)±12 mV (0.8 V ≤ −Vdet < 2.4 V)
Operating voltage range
0.6 V to 10.0 V (CMOS output products)
Hysteresis characteristics
5% ±1%
Delay time accuracy
±15% (CD= 4.7 nF)
Detection voltage
0.8 V to 4.6 V (0.1 V step)
Output form
Nch open-drain output (Active “L”), CMOS output (Active “L”)
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free*1

*1. Refer to “Product Name Structure” for details.


  • Power monitor and reset for CPUs and microcomputers
  • Constant voltage power monitor for TVs, DVD recorders and home appliances
  • Power supply monitor for portable devices such as notebook PCs, digital still cameras and mobile phones

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