Marking time with precision.
That is the core of our pursuit of high quality.
Our history began with the development of CMOS ICs for quartz watches.
We will continue to work together with you as your partner by providing our high-quality products to let your future image take shape.

2023Head office moved to Higashi- shimbashi, Tokyo /
Strengthened product development capabilities by making Samurai Semiconductor Corporation a subsidiary

2022Voltage trackers for automotive use

2021TMR sensor ICs

2019The Best Paper Award at the IEEE S3S Conference

2019Zero crossing latch hall effect IC / Batteryless wireless water leak sensor

2017High-efficiency switching regulators

2015High-power dissipation packages (TO-252-5S)

2015Wireless power ICs

2014Timer ICs for automotive use

2013Hall effect ICs for automotive use

2011Ultra-small 0.8 x 0.8 mm packages (HSNT)


2009High-power dissipation packages (HSOP-6)

2009Power management ICs for automotive use

2005Ultra-low voltage operation charge pump IC

2003Ultra-small packages (SNT)

2003EEPROM for automotive use


1999Lithium-ion battery protection ICs (Secondary protection)

1996Began the back-end process at the Akita Unit.

1996Operational amplifiers / Comparators

1993Lithium-ion battery protection ICs / EEPROM

1990Real-time clock ICs


1987Completed the 6-inch line for the wafer process.

1986Non-volatile memories

1985Temperature sensor ICs

1984Hall effect ICs

1983Voltage regulators and voltage detectors


1979Completed the 4-inch line for the wafer process.

1979Analog quartz ICs


1970Completed the 2-inch line for development.

1968Began CMOS IC R&D.