Automotive ICs

Automotive, 105°C Operation, 50 V Input, 200 mA Voltage Regulator S-19200A/BxxH Series

The S-19200A/BxxH Series, developed by using high-withstand voltage CMOS technology, is a positive voltage regulator with a high-withstand voltage, low current consumption, and high-accuracy output voltage.
The S-19200 Series operates at a high maximum operating voltage of 50 V and a low current consumption of 4.0 µA typ.
In addition to a built-in low on-resistance transistor which provides a very small dropout voltage and a large output current, this voltage regulator also has a built-in ON / OFF circuit.
An overcurrent protection circuit prevents the load current from exceeding the current capacity of the output transistor, and a built-in thermal shutdown circuit prevents damage caused by heat.
High heat radiation TO-252-5S(A) and HSOP-6 packages enable high-density mounting.

Caution: This product can be used in vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment. Before using the product for these purposes, it is imperative to contact our sales representatives.


Output voltage
2.0 V to 15.0 V, selectable in 0.1 V step
Input voltage
3.0 V ~ 50 V
High-accuracy output voltage
±1.0% (Tj = +25°C)
±3.0% (Tj = -40°C ~ +105°C)
Low current consumption
During operation: 4.0 µA typ., 9.0 µA max. (Ta = −40°C ~ +105°C)
During shutdown: 0.1 µA typ., 2.5 µA max. (Ta = −40°C ~ +105°C)
Output current
Possible to output 200 mA (Vin ≧ Vout(s) + 2.0 V)*1
Input and output capacitors
A ceramic capacitor of 0.1 µF or more can be used.
Built-in overcurrent protection circuit
Limits overcurrent of output transistor.
Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
Prevents damage caused by heat.
Built-in ON / OFF circuit
Ensures long battery life
Operation temperature range
Ta=-40°C to +105°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free
Withstand 65 V load dump
AEC-Q100 qualified*2

*1. Please make sure that the loss of the IC will not exceed the power dissipation when the output current is large.

*2. Contact our sales representatives for details.


  • Constant-voltage power supply for electrical application for vehicle interior
  • Constant-voltage power supply for home electric appliance