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Automotive, 105°C Operation, Voltage Monitoring IC with Cell Balancing Function S-19190 Series

The S-19190 Series is a voltage monitoring IC with a cell balancing function and includes a high-accuracy voltage detection circuit and a delay circuit.
The S-19190 Series is suitable for cell balancing and overcharge protection of batteries and capacitors.

Caution: This product can be used in vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment. Before using the product for these purposes, it is imperative to contact our sales representatives.


High-accuracy voltage detection circuit
Cell balancing detection voltage: 2.0 V ~ 4.6 V (5 mV step)
Accuracy ±12 mV (2.0 V≦Vbu<2.4 V)
Accuracy ±0.5% (2.4 V≦Vbu≦4.6 V)
Cell balancing release voltage: 2.0 V ~ 4.6 V*1
Accuracy ±24 mV (2.0 V≦Vbl<2.4 V)
Accuracy ±1.0% (2.4 V≦Vbl≦4.6 V)
Overcharge detection voltage: 2.0 V ~ 4.6 V (5 mV step)
Accuracy ±12 mV (2.0 V≦Vcu<2.4 V)
Accuracy ±0.5% (2.4 V≦Vcu≦4.6 V)
Overcharge release voltage: 2.0 V ~ 4.6 V*2
Accuracy ±24 mV (2.0 V≦Vcl<2.4 V)
Accuracy ±1.0% (2.4 V≦Vcl≦4.6 V)
Built-in Nch transistor with ON resistance of 5Ωtyp. between the CB pin and the VSS pin
Current consumption
2.0 µA max. (Ta = +25°C)
Delay times are generated only by an internal circuit (External capacitors are unnecessary).
CO pin output form and output logic are selectable
CMOS output: Active “H”, active “L”
Nch open-drain output: Active “H”, active “L”
Switchable to power-saving mode by using the CE pin
Operation temperature range
Ta = -40℃ to +105℃
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free
AEC-Q100 qualified*3

*1. Cell balancing release voltage = Cell balancing detection voltage − Cell balancing hysteresis voltage (Cell balancing hysteresis voltage can be selected as 0 V or from a range of 0.1 V to 0.7 V in 50 mV step.)

*2. Overcharge release voltage = Overcharge detection voltage − Overcharge hysteresis voltage (Overcharge hysteresis voltage can be selected as 0 V or from a range of 0.1 V to 0.7 V in 50 mV step.)

*3. Contact our sales representatives for details.


  • Rechargeable battery module
  • Capacitor module

Parts List

Product NamePackageCell Balancing
Cell Balancing
CO Pin
Output Form
CO Pin
Output Logic
Cell Balancing
Delay Time
Cell Balancing
Delay Time
Delay Time
Delay Time
Product Name
S-19190AAH-M6T1USOT-23-62.6002.6002.7502.750CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ABH-M6T1USOT-23-63.0003.0003.1503.150CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ACH-M6T1USOT-23-63.0003.0003.2003.200CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ADH-M6T1USOT-23-63.1003.1003.2503.250CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AEH-M6T1USOT-23-63.1003.1003.3003.300CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AFH-M6T1USOT-23-62.6002.6002.8002.800CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AGH-M6T1USOT-23-62.4002.4002.9002.900CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AHH-M6T1USOT-23-62.4002.4003.0003.000CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AIH-M6T1USOT-23-62.1002.1003.0003.000CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AKH-M6T1USOT-23-62.4002.4003.2003.200CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ALH-M6T1USOT-23-62.1002.0003.2003.200CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AMH-M6T1USOT-23-62.6202.5202.8002.700CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ANH-M6T1USOT-23-63.3003.3004.0803.930CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AOH-M6T1USOT-23-62.0002.0003.0003.000CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190APH-M6T1USOT-23-63.7003.7004.5004.500CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AQH-M6T1USOT-23-63.8003.8004.0803.930CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ARH-M6T1USOT-23-62.8002.8003.1503.150CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ASH-M6T1USOT-23-62.8002.8003.2003.200CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190ATH-M6T1USOT-23-62.8002.8003.1003.100CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AUH-M6T1USOT-23-62.5002.4003.8003.700CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AVH-M6T1USOT-23-62.3002.2003.8003.700CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AWH-M6T1USOT-23-62.6502.6002.7502.650Nch open-drain outputActive "L"1281.01281.0
S-19190AXH-M6T1USOT-23-62.4002.4002.9502.950CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190AYH-M6T1USOT-23-64.1504.1504.2754.275CMOS outputActive "H"1281.010241.0
S-19190AZH-M6T1USOT-23-62.4502.4502.5002.500CMOS outputActive "H"640.5640.5
S-19190BCH-M6T1USOT-23-64.2004.2004.3004.200CMOS outputActive "L"642.02561.0
S-19190BDH-M6T1USOT-23-62.3002.3002.6002.600CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0
S-19190BEH-M6T1USOT-23-64.4004.2004.6004.600CMOS outputActive "H"640.5640.5
S-19190BFH-M6T1USOT-23-63.5503.2004.0803.380CMOS outputActive "L"1281.010242.0
S-19190BGH-M6T1USOT-23-62.7002.0004.4003.700CMOS outputActive "H"640.5640.5
S-19190BHH-M6T1USOT-23-63.5503.5503.8003.700CMOS outputActive "L"1281.010242.0
S-19190BIH-M6T1USOT-23-62.7002.0004.4004.200CMOS outputActive "H"640.5640.5
S-19190BJH-M6T1USOT-23-62.7252.6752.7752.725CMOS outputActive "L"1281.010242.0
S-19190BKH-M6T1USOT-23-62.7002.0004.0803.930CMOS outputActive "H"640.5640.5
S-19190BLH-M6T1USOT-23-64.1503.9504.6003.900CMOS outputActive "L"1281.010242.0
S-19190BMH-M6T1USOT-23-63.5503.4504.0003.300CMOS outputActive "L"1281.010242.0
S-19190BNH-M6T1USOT-23-62.7002.6503.1002.800CMOS outputActive "H"1281.01281.0

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