Automotive ICs

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 10 V Input, 1000 mA Voltage Regulator with Soft-start Function S-19244xxxA Series

The S-19244xxxA Series developed by using high-withstand voltage CMOS process technology, is a positive voltage regulator with high-accuracy output voltage and high output current.
A built-in overcurrent protection circuit to limit overcurrent of the output transistor and a built-in thermal shutdown circuit to limit heat are included. In addition to the type in which output voltage is set inside the IC, the type for which output voltage can be set via an external resistor is added to a lineup. Also, the S-19244xxxA Series includes the soft-start function to adjust the output voltage rising time at power-on or at the time when the ON / OFF pin is set to ON.

Caution: This product can be used in vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment. Before using the product for these purposes, it is imperative to contact our sales representatives.


Output voltage (internally set)
1.0 V to 6.0 V, selectable in 0.05 V step
Output voltage (externally set)
1.0 V to 9.0 V, settable via external resistor
(HSOP-8A and HSOP-6 only)
Input voltage
2.5 V to 10.0 V
Output voltage accuracy
±2.3% (Tj = -40°C to +125°C)
Dropout voltage
0.38 V typ.
(2.6 V output product, at Iout = 1000 mA)
Current consumption
During operation: 120 μA typ., 150 μA max.
(Tj = −40°C to +150°C)
During power-off: 0.1 μA typ., 10.5 μA max.
(Tj = −40°C to +125°C)
Output current
Possible to output 1000 mA
(at Vin ≧ Vout(s) + 1.0 V)*1
Ripple rejection
60 dB typ. (at f = 1.0 kHz)
Built-in overcurrent protection circuit
Limits overcurrent of output transistor.
Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
Detection temperature 170°C typ.
Built-in soft-start circuit
Adjusts output voltage rising time at power-on or at the time when ON / OFF pin is set to ON.
Adjustable type: E / F / G / H type, tss = 6.0 ms typ. (Css = 10 nF)
 Soft-start time can be changed by the capacitor (Css)
Fixed type: A / B / C / D type: Fixed to, tss = 1.0 ms typ.
Built-in ON / OFF circuit
Ensures long battery life.
Discharge shunt function “available” / “unavailable” is selectable.
Pull-down function “available” / “unavailable” is selectable.
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +125°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free
AEC-Q100 qualified*2

*1. Please make sure that the loss of the IC will not exceed the power dissipation when the output current is large.
*2. Contact our sales representatives for details.


  • Constant-voltage power supply for electrical application for vehicle interior
  • Constant-voltage power supply for home electric appliance
  • For automotive use (engine, transmission, suspension, ABS, related-devices for EV / HEV / PHEV, etc.)