Power Management ICs

Voltage Regulation Boost Charge Pump DC-DC Converter S-8821 Series

The S-8821 series is a CMOS boost charge pump DC-DC converter with a voltage regulation function.
The S-8821 series consists of an oscillation circuit, a controller, a reference voltage circuit, an error amplifier circuit, and an output switching transistor, and can regulate the output voltage by PFM control.
Since small ceramic capacitors can be used for the pump capacitor, input capacitor, and output capacitor, the mounting area can be minimized.


PFM control CMOS boost charge pump
Power supply voltage
1.6 to 5.0 V
Output voltage
2.5 to 5.5 V, selectable in 0.1 V steps.
Output voltage accuracy
±2 % max.
Built-in soft start circuit
1.0 ms typ.
Output current
25 mA (Vin=(Vout(s) × 0.80) V)
Oscillation frequency
1.0 MHz typ.
ON/OFF function
During standby: 1 µA max.
Lead-free products


  • Lithium ion battery driven applications
  • Local power supply
  • Power supply for white LED display backlights

Parts List

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