Automotive Auxiliary Motors in 48V MHEV

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ICs ideal for automotive Auxiliary Motors in 48V MHEV

for automotive Auxiliary motors for 48V MHEV

Global warming, air pollution, and other environmental issues have accelerated the trend away from the internal combustion engine (ICE) towards EV, PHEV, HEV and other environmentally conscious vehicles. The 48V MHEV is a low-cost operating vehicle that improves fuel efficiency. It uses smart technology to assist the engine drive during startup and acceleration, and regenerate the battery during deceleration. Presently, the 48V MHEV is being introduced to the market mainly by European automakers, due to the higher demand from that region.
The 48V MHEV operates on 48V batteries to drive auxiliary motors for its electric compressors, electric turbochargers, electric pumps, fan motors, etc., which contribute to an improved fuel economy.
ABLIC has produced a number of high caliber IC’s that are ideal for 48V MHEV auxiliary motor operation. ABLIC offers a comprehensive range of products, such as: LDOs with built-in watchdog timers for monitoring MCUs, Primary DC-DC with a built-in spread spectrum clock generation circuit for low EMI, LDOs for sensor power supplies and ZCL™ hall effect ICs which operate ideally in BLDC motors.


ICs ideal for automotive Auxiliary Motors in 48V MHEV

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48V 12VBattery Motor Motor Inverter Driver, MCU Isolator MCU PMIC Isolated Controller Flyback Hall effect IC Hall effect IC Hall effect IC LDO WDT VD LDO DC-DC Converter

*VD: Voltage detector (Reset IC)   *LDO: Low-dropout regulator   *WDT: Watchdog timer


ICs ideal for automotive Auxiliary Motors in 48V MHEV

Product Recommended product Applications and Features
DC-DC converter
(Switching regulator)
S-19914/5 36V input, low noise, available in the industry’s smallest package. Contributes to fewer and more compact external parts.
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19212 Powers the sensor. The output voltage can be set between 2.5 to 16V.
Watchdog Timer S-1951x With reset and LDO regulator functions. Current consumption of 3.0µA.
Hall effect IC
(Magnetic sensor IC)
S-57TZ S ZCL™ Hall effect ICs are perfect for BLDC motor control, creating stable BLDC motor control over a wide temperature range.


DC-DC converter S-19914/5 series
Low noise
Ultra-compact package

Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36 V Input, 1 A, Low EMI, Synchronous Step-down Switching Regulator S-19914A/19914B/19915A/19915B Series

Achieves low noise in the industry’s smallest ultra-small package!

Built-in spread spectrum clock generation circuit. This reduces conducted emission to about 1/3 of our conventional products. A step-down switching regulator (DC-DC converter) with a 36V input capable of direct connection to a battery, 1A output current in an HSNT-8(2030), the industry’s smallest package. The total mounting area including external parts can also be the industry’s smallest.

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Application note

 Switching frequency: 2.2MHz

ZCL™ Hall Effect IC S-57TZ S series
High-temperature operation
ZCL Detection
Thin package

Automotive, 150°C Operation, High-Withstand Voltage, High-Speed, ZCL™ Hall Effect IC S-57TZ S Series

The ZCL™ Hall Effect ICs transform the brushless DC motor market

A ZCL (Zero Crossing Latch) Hall effect IC, is a latch type Hall effect IC that uses a world’s first detection method, by detecting the output signal at the zero-crossing point where polarity changes. It is ideal for BLDC motor control, and unlike other Hall effect ICs, it is not thrown off by variations in magnetic flux density, and can maintain stable detection.

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Series name

S-57TZ S


 Power supply voltage range: 2.7V ~ 26.0V
 ESD Performance HBM: 8,000V