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Battery Protection IC for 3-Serial or 4-Serial-Cell Pack S-8204B Series

DatasheetJul. 29, 2019


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The S-8204B Series includes high-accuracy voltage detection circuits and delay circuits, in single use, makes it possible for users to monitor the status of 3-series or 4-series cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery. By switching the voltage level which is applied to the SEL pin, users are able to use the S-8204B Series either for 3-series or 4-series cell pack. By cascade connection using the S-8204B Series, it is also possible to protect 6-series or more cells(*1) lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.

(*1). Refer to the application note for connection examples of protection circuit for 6-series or more cells. In case of protecting 5-series cell lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, contact our sales representatives.


High-accuracy voltage detection for each cell
Overcharge detection voltage n(n=1 to 4): 3.8 V to 4.6 V (50 mV steps) Accuracy ±25 mV
Overcharge release voltage n(n=1 to 4): 3.6 V to 4.6 V (*1) Accuracy ±50 mV
Overdischarge detection voltage n(n =1 to 4): 2.0 V to 3.0 V (100 mV steps) Accuracy ±80mV
Overdischarge release voltage n(n=1 to 4): 2.0 V to 3.4 V (*2) Accuracy ±100 mV
Discharge overcurrent detection in 3-step
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage 1: 0.05 to 0.30 V (50 mV steps) Accuracy ±15 mV
Discharge overcurrent detection voltage 2: 0.5 V (fixed) Accuracy ±100 mV
Short circuit detection voltage: 1.0 V (fixed) Accuracy ±300 mV
Settable by external capacitor; Overcharge detection delay time, Overdischarge detection delay time, Discharge overcurrent detection delay time 1, Discharge overcurrent detection delay time 2
(Short circuit detection voltage delay time is internally fixed.)
Switchable between 3-series and 4-series cell by using the SEL pin
Independent charging and discharge control by the control pins
High-withstand voltage
Absolute maximum rating: 24 V
Wide operating voltage range
2 V to 22 V
Wide range of operation temperature
-40°C to +85°C
Low current consumption
Operation mode 33 µA max.(+25°C),
Power-down mode 0.1 µA max. (+25°C)
Lead-free, Sn 100%, halogen-free

(*1). Overcharge hysteresis voltage n (n = 1 to 4) is selectable in 0 V, or in 0.1 V to 0.4 V in 50 mV step.
(Overcharge hysteresis voltage = Overcharge detection voltage – Overcharge release voltage)
(*2). Overdischarge hysteresis voltage n (n = 1 to 4) is selectable in 0 V, or in 0.2 V to 0.7 V in 100 mV step.
(Overdischarge hysteresis voltage = Overdischarge release voltage – Overdischarge detection voltage)


  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs

Parts List

Product name
y: S or U
Voltage 1
Product name
S-8204BAB-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3504.1502.002.700.250AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAC-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2254.0752.303.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAD-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8003.6002.002.300.300AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAE-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3504.1502.503.000.250AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAF-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3504.1502.303.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAG-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3504.1502.803.300.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAH-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2004.0002.603.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAI-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.9003.8002.002.000.150UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BAJ-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3004.1002.502.900.250AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAK-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.6503.5002.403.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAL-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2004.1002.702.900.250AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAM-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.4004.2002.002.700.250AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAN-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.1004.1002.002.500.150UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BAO-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.9003.6002.502.700.100UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BAP-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3204.1202.403.000.100UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BAQ-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8003.6002.002.300.150AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAR-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8503.6502.502.700.150AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAS-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.803.000.150AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAT-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.6503.5002.002.700.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAU-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2004.1002.702.900.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAV-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.9003.6002.002.700.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAW-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8003.6502.202.500.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAX-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.2502.002.000.100UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BAY-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.9003.6002.302.500.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BAZ-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1003.003.300.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBA-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.503.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBB-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.703.000.250UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BBC-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1002.803.200.250UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BBD-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.3004.2002.303.000.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBE-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8003.6002.002.300.100AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBF-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP3.8003.6002.002.300.050AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBG-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1002.803.300.100UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BBH-TCT1y16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.703.000.125UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BBI-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.703.000.125UnavailableUnavailable
S-8204BBJ-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1502.703.000.150UnavailableUnavailable
S-8204BBK-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.2504.1902.803.000.150AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBL-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.2304.2302.803.000.150AvailableAvailable
S-8204BBU-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.3504.1502.303.000.100UnavailableAvailable
S-8204BBV-TCT1U16-Pin TSSOP4.4504.3002.703.000.100UnavailableAvailable

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