We offer lineups with General use,  Automotive use, and for DIMMs & SSDs.
We have expanded the ASSP business for DIMM/SSD based on EEPROM technology.

NOW 2019 2021 NOW 2006 2008 2014 DDR5 DDR4 DDR2 DDR3 2kbit SPD for DDR2 & 3 4kbit SPD for DDR4 1986 2003 NOW for General use EEPROMs for Automotive EEPROMs 4kbit SPD with TS for DDR4 *3 4kbit VPD with TS *3 4kbit VPD with TS & ARP *3 EEPROMs SPD EEPROMs for DIMM *2 VPD EEPROMs for SSD *1     ABLICs EEPROM

*1 VPD: Vital Product Data *2 SPD: Serial Presence Detect *3 TS: Temperature Sensor