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Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36 V Input, 600 mA Voltage Regulator with Current Monitor And Adjustable Current Limit S-19701 Series

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The S-19701 Series, developed by using CMOS technology, is a positive voltage regulator with a current monitoring function for 125°C automotive operation.
It provides an output current of 600 mA min., and a ceramic capacitor of 4.7 µF or more can be used as the output capacitor.
Due to the built-in reverse current protection function, the reverse current flowing from the VOUT pin to the VIN pin can be controlled as the small value 15 µA typ.
The current monitor monitors the current flowing to the voltage regulator and outputs the voltage according to the external resistance, and limits the current value from exceeding the set value.
The S-19701 Series has two types of products of which one is the externally set product whose output voltage is determined by the external divided-resistor, and the other is the internally set product which includes an INT pin and whose output voltage is fixed. By connecting the VADJ pin to GND, the externally set product can be utilized as a high side switch with a current monitor.

FIT rate calculation
ABLIC Inc. offers FIT rate calculated based on actual customer usage conditions in order to support customer functional safety design.
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Caution: This product can be used in vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment. Before using the product for these purposes, it is imperative to contact our sales representatives.


Output voltage (externally set)
3.3 V to 20.0 V, settable via an external resistor
Output voltage (internally set)
3.3 V to 15.0 V, selectable in 0.1 V step
Input voltage
4.5 V to 36.0 V
Output voltage accuracy
±2.3% (1.0 mA≦Iout≦30 mA, Tj = −40°C ~ +150°C)
Dropout voltage
240 mV typ. (3.3 Voutput product, Iout = 300 mA)
Current consumption
During operation: 80 µA typ., 170 µA max. (Tj = −40°C to +150°C)
During power-off: 1.0 µA typ., 5.0 µA max. (Tj = −40°C to +90°C)
Output current
Possible to output 600 mA (Vin≧Vout + 2.0 V)*1
Output capacitor
A ceramic capacitor of 4.7 µF or more can be used.
Built-in thermal shutdown circuit
Detection temperature 170°C typ.
Built-in overvoltage detection circuit
Detects an output short-circuit of the higher voltage.
Built-in ON / OFF circuit
Ensures long battery life.
Constant current source pull-down is selectable.
Current monitoring function
Possible to monitor load current by monitoring the CSO pin voltage.
Current limit function
Possible to adjust a current limit value via an external resistor.
Reverse current protection function
Irev = 45 µA max.
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +125°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free
Withstand 45 V load dump
AEC-Q100 qualified*2

*1. Please make sure that the loss of the IC will not exceed the power dissipation when the output current is large.
*2. Contact our sales representatives for details.


  • Power supply for automotive Camera
  • Remote LNA phantom power
  • High-side power switch for small current application