Automotive ICs

Automotive, 125°C Operation, Low Input Offset Voltage CMOS Operational Amplifier S-19630A


This IC incorporates a general purpose analog circuit in a small package. This is a zero-drift operational amplifier with Rail-to-Rail input and output, which uses chopper-stabilizing techniques to provide low input offset voltage.
The S-19630AB is a dual operational amplifier (2 circuits), which is suitable for applications requiring less offset voltage.

Caution: This product can be used in vehicle equipment and in-vehicle equipment. Before using the product for these purposes, it is imperative to contact our sales representatives.


Low input offset voltage
VIO = +50 μV max. (Ta = −40°C to +125°C)
Low input offset voltage drift
ΔVIO/ΔTa = ±25 nV/°C typ. ±120 nV/°C max. (VDD = 30.0 V)
Operation power supply voltage range
VDD = 4.0 V to 36.0 V
Low current consumption (Per circuit)
IDD = 250 μA typ.
Low input noise voltage
VNOISE_pp = 0.8 μVpp typ. (f = 0.1 Hz to 10 Hz)
Low input noise voltage density
VNOISE = 25 nV/√Hz typ. (f = 1 kHz)
Built-in output current limit circuit
Overcurrent limit when output pin is short-circuited
Internal phase compensation
No external parts required
Rail-to-Rail input and output
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +125°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free
AEC-Q100 qualified*1

*1. Contact our sales representatives for details.


  • High-accuracy current detection
  • Various sensor interfaces
  • Strain gauge amplifier

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
    however, these have now been unified into “lead-free and halogen-free” and are identical in terms of environmental quality.
  • Note: Lead-free plating other than 100% Sn is applied to some limited old products, therefore, please contact our sales representatives for details.
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