Human Resource Policy

ABLIC considers employees to be its most valuable stakeholders, as they create new value for society through business operations and implement sustainable development. We therefore focus on the following philosophy, and create systems and implement human resource measures to realize it.

  • We support the spirit of challenge and growth of each and every employee
  • We leverage the character and strengths of employees to form a single global team composed of diverse personnel
  • We fairly reward employees for their results


In order to become one of the world’s leading analog semiconductor manufacturers, we have defined the following six values that represent the standards to be reflected by all of our employees in their day-to-day activities. Even when faced with uncertainties in dramatically changing business environments, we believe that if employees make and act on decisions based on these six values, they will be able to provide customers with solutions that make the impossible possible, and each and every employee will find their work to be rewarding.

ABLIC Values

Providing customers with moving experiences

We will identify the true needs of customers from a customer perspective, and provide customers with products, services, and solutions that exceed their expectations

Independent activity

We will not allow ourselves to be confined by conventional wisdom, but will instead make new discoveries and adopt innovations, acting independently and with conviction, and will take responsibility for the results of our efforts

Adaptation to change

We will adapt to environmental changes to create new value

Focus on speed

We will recognize speed as the greatest added value, and will define priorities and take action accordingly, without fear of failure

Welcoming diversity and acting as a unified global team

We will respect and welcome diversity and act based on what is best overall from a global perspective


We will satisfy our responsibility to society by acting with care towards safety, health, and the environment, in compliance with laws and regulations

Employment and Dismissal Practices

Employment measures

In order to maintain broad perspectives that always takes on new challenges, we are fair in our hiring of diverse personnel with drive and independence, both new university graduates and mid-career hires. Our hiring does not allow favoritism on the basis of personal emotion, personal connections, regional connections, blood relations, academic connections, or the like.

Prohibition of discrimination in hiring, personnel evaluations, and dismissal

We respect the character of all people in our hiring and dismissal activities, and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, nationality, birthplace, religion, belief, occupation, physical condition, history, age, etc.

Disciplinary action

In the event of legal or regulatory infractions by employees, or of violations of social morals, etc. by employees that damage said employees’ dignity, or in the event of recognized harassment, disciplinary action is taken by a disciplinary committee.

Number of employees (non-consolidated, as of March 2020) 881 (men: 755, women: 126)
Number of employees of overseas subsidiaries (as of March 2020) 84 (men: 40, women: 40)
Number of employees hired (non-consolidated, 2019) 41(new university graduates: 17, mid-career: 15, transfers from affiliated companies: 9)
Number of resignees (non-consolidated, FY2019) 40 (mandatory retirement: 2, completion of contract period: 21, resignation for own reasons: 17)
Attrition rate (non-consolidated, resignation for own reasons, 2019) 1.9%

Fair Evaluation and Treatment

Appropriate treatment rewarding capabilities and results

We have created a system which seeks to improve employee motivation by fairly evaluating employee capabilities and results and reflecting these evaluations appropriately in employee treatment.

Respect for individuality and fair evaluation

In order to perform valuable work independently, it is extremely important that employees have a deep understanding of objectives and that objectives be persuasive. We understand that vigorous debate on equal footing is essential to achieving this, and that we must create a corporate culture in which all employees can speak freely and frankly. We aim to perform personnel evaluations objectively and fairly, respecting the character and personalities of employees.

Personnel Development Philosophy and Personnel Development System

We are maintaining and improving our personnel development system to cultivate personnel with exceptional levels of creativity and expertise. In addition to stratified company-wide training, we also perform personnel development using specialized training for individual occupation types, such as quality, environmental, and intellectual property education, global personnel development training, on-the-job training, and more. 

Respect for Human Rights

Our group has a policy of establishing and respecting the individual, based on our spirit of respect for human rights. We have defined company regulations promoting the establishment of and respect for the individual. The following actions, which constitute violations of character, are prohibited.

1) Abuse of personal information, spreading of fallacious or unfounded rumors
2) Libel or defamation
3) Violations of property or privacy
4) Discrimination, abuse, neglect, bullying, or harassment
5) Sexual harassment
6) Violence, threats, assault, or stalking
7) Other actions which can be categorized as one or more of 1) to 6) above

Prohibition of discrimination

We respect the character of all people, and make all hiring, training and education, promotion and raise, payment, reassignment, benefit program, and other internal treatment decisions fairly, without discriminating on the basis of gender, race, nationality, birthplace, religion, belief, occupation, physical condition, history, age, etc. We have created company regulations and raise awareness of said regulations with the goal of fostering respect for the character of all people and preventing all discriminatory behavior, both inside and outside the company.

Prohibition of harassment

Through our day to day communications we strive to create a sound and secure workplace free of harassment. In the event of speech, attitudes, or actions by executives, employees, or, in particular, managers which constitute harassment, we take appropriate measures to immediately halt this behavior. We strive to prevent harassment not only within the company but also in relationships with clients and customers, demanding that all parties act in a way that establishes positive interpersonal relationships. Based on this perspective, we have established harassment consultation points .

Diversity Measures

Our group is creating opportunities and workplace environments where diverse employees can leverage their character and strengths to achieve their potential, regardless of age, sex, nationality, or disabilities.

Measures related to persons with disabilities

We actively hire persons with disabilities through our hiring activities throughout the year. We have created an environment in which employees with disabilities work under the exact same systems as employees without disabilities, including work scopes and operation contents, promotions and raises, and evaluation systems, while taking into consideration their disability conditions.

We currently employ 13 staff members with disabilities, and we also work to promote the hiring of persons with disabilities within the local community, such as by regularly providing workplace experience opportunities for students of a nearby special-needs school.

Promotion of women’s professional advancement

In order to produce innovation by having diverse personnel leverage their capabilities, we promote the creation of an environment in which female employees can achieve greater success. In the future, we will also hold seminars, etc., in which outside experts and female managers can share their own experiences.

Human resource globalization

Currently 70% of our group’s sales consist of overseas sales, and many of our stakeholders are outside of Japan. In order to become a valuable business partner to our customers, we seek out talented personnel throughout the world, without regard to country or region. As part of these efforts, our gates are open to international students for regular hiring, and we hire graduates of overseas universities.

Welcoming diversity

In order to produce innovation by having diverse personnel leverage their capabilities, our group welcomes employees with a diverse range of attributes, as well as engaging in management that reflects our understanding of the diverse values and personalities of individuals. These diverse attributes consist not only of visible differences, but differences in values and personalities between individuals. We strive to create an environment where, based on this, all of our employees can work animatedly and find their work to be rewarding.

ABLIC’s Diversity Policy

ABLIC's Diversity Policy

Percentage of female managers and executives

  • Female employee percentage: 14.3%
  • Female manager percentage: 4.6%

Achieving Work-Life Balance

We have established various systems to assist employees with balancing work and home life, so that employees can achieve their full capabilities, and we work to enrich these systems on an ongoing basis.
Our nursing care leave system provides three years of work leave per family member requiring care. Our hour increment leave system was changed in April 2017 to allow leave to be taken in units of one hour, instead of the unit size of two hours that had been used before the change, producing more flexible work styles. Furthermore, the company has established two company-wide “No Overtime Days” per week and two company-wide “No Meeting Days” per month in order to improve work productivity. We will continue to increase operation efficiency and actively reform work styles.
Furthermore, the company has started a teleworking system from February 2020. We will continue to increase operation efficiency and actively reform work styles.

Benefit programs

Social Insurance Health insurance
Employee pension insurance
Employment insurance
Industrial accident insurance
Finance and Saving Related Home asset-building savings, Asset-building pension
Other Defined contribution pension (DC)
Congratulatory and condolence payments
Group long term disability income indemnity insurance
Recreational facility
Insurance Related, etc. (Voluntary Individual Participation) Property insurance
Life insurance
Group insurance
Medical insurance

Benefit program usage conditions

  • Number of days of annual paid leave granted: 20
  • Rate of taking annual paid leave: 76.4% (FY2019)
  • Number of female employees taking parental leave: 5 (FY2019)
  • Number of male employees taking parental leave: 1 (FY2019)
  • Number of employees using nursing leave system: 1 (FY2019)

Work Health and Safety and Health Management

In creating value for society through semiconductors and striving for sustainable development, we view the people who work under our management as our most important stakeholders, and we regard the prevention of occupational injury, illness and disease for the people who work under our management as of utmost importance in business operations. We therefore strive to build a safe and healthy work environment in order to make our group one in which all people who work under our management can take pride.In creating value for society through semiconductors and striving for sustainable development, we view the people who work under our management as our most important stakeholders, and we regard the prevention of occupational injury, illness and disease for the people who work under our management as of utmost importance in business operations. We therefore strive to build a safe and healthy work environment in order to make our group one in which all people who work under our management can take pride.

In order to realize this policy, we will pursue the following:
1. We shall work on risk assessment, identifying and removing hazards, and striving to reduce risks and prevent accidents.
2. We shall work on strengthening our health and safety management system.
3. We shall strive for health maintenance and improvement for people who work under our management, and create comfortable workplaces. 
4. We shall establish a forum for discussion with people who work under our management, and as a united team, we shall engage in activities for health and safety management. 
5. We will work to comply with laws, regulations, customer requirements and other requirements that apply to our company.
6. Following the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle, we shall work on making constant improvements to safe and healthy work environments.
7. Education shall be constantly provided to shape a workplace culture in which all people who work under our management share the principle of “safety first.”

Nobumasa Ishiai
President and CEO
October 1, 2019

Work health and safety management system

Number of occupational accidents (within ABLIC; closed one day or more)

  • FY2016: Zero accident
  • FY2017: Zero accident
  • FY2018: One accident
  • FY2019: Zero accident

Work health and safety improvement measures

We prioritize the safety and health of all our employees, and in order to create rewarding work environments, we are systematically putting effort into building work health and safety management systems and are carrying out ongoing activities on a PDCA cycle aimed at eliminating all occupational accidents.


In FY2019, Takatsuka Unit attained ISO 45001 certification.
In FY2020, Akita Unit is planned to attain ISO 45001 certification.
In FY2021, the Head Office in Mita is planned to attain ISO 45001 certification.

Each unit also conducts risk assessments (including chemical substances) at least once each year to implement health and safety management activities based on risk. In addition to holding two company-wide health and safety seminars every year, we also perform training with unique themes at each site. The health and safety committees at each site perform regular health and safety inspection patrols and close call activities. Countermeasures for the issues identified through these activities are formulated and implemented by health and safety committees. The progress conditions of these countermeasures are monitored by the Environment, Health & Safety Group of the CSR Committee and the Affairs & Public Relations Department (environment, health and safety officers).
Furthermore, as part of our awareness-raising measures, we provide CSR training to all employees, and, as part of our health and safety activity visualization activities, hang banners and posters and use badges and armbands, etc.
Employees with prominent health and safety achievements are recognized at companywide gatherings, etc.

Supporting the physical and mental health of employees

Health is an invaluable asset to individuals, and the health of our employees is one of our assets. In order to ensure that our employees are healthy both mentally and physically, we conduct stress checks and implement various improvement activities (such as seminars) based on the results of those checks. We also work together with health insurance unions and labor unions to promote health.
In FY2016, as well, we provided specific health guidance for employees aged 40 and older to address the issue of metabolic syndrome. Occupational health physicians and nurses provide health guidance based on the results of regular health checkups. They offer guidance regarding improvements that can be made to lifestyle habits, the results of which are gradually becoming apparent. In FY2016, 85.0% of ensured employees and their dependents underwent special health checkups, and 37.0% received specific health guidance. In order to promote early detection and early treatment, regular health checkups include stomach cancer examinations which combine examinations tailored to individual stomach cancer risk levels with barium examinations, prostate cancer examinations for men, and cervical cancer examinations for women. From FY2015, we introduced uric acid and creatinine examinations, and from FY2017 we have also introduced stroke risk examinations and heart failure risk examinations.

Establishment of a health consultation desk

Our health insurance union has partnered with an outside specialist to provide a desk capable of handling health consultations 24 hours a day.

Relationships with Labor Unions

We strive to ensure a peaceful and stable company, to further the development of our business, and to maintain and improve working conditions by defining the rights and obligations of the company and unions with respect to working conditions and other issues in collective labor agreements. All other major matters related to union member working conditions, wages, and retirement benefits are also defined in agreements.

Labor-Management Councils

We have established branch Labor-Management Councils (hereafter referred to as “Labor-Management Councils”) to ensure the democratic operation of the company by deliberating on labor-management issues in order to promote business development and the benefits of union members. The Labor-Management Councils explain or report on the outlines of company management policies, operating conditions, and human resource organizations, etc., and deliberate regarding the following.
(1) Matters related to working conditions and work regulations
(2) Matters related to benefits
(3) Matters related to improving production
(4) Matters related to the handling of complaints and disputes
(5) Matters related to revisions to agreements
(6) Other matters deemed necessary

Work Health and Safety and Health Management

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