Serial VPD EEPROMs for SSDs

ABLIC provides Vital Product Data (VPD) EEPROMs for Solid State Drives (SSDs)
ABLIC’s lineup of VPD EEPROMs has built-in temperature sensors that make them perfect for data centers, servers and high-end PCs and will assist the development of any type of SSD.

Series Name
Data SheetInterface
* Supports SMBus time-out function
Series Name
S-34TS04LPDFSM Bus / I2C-bus *4-Kbit VPD EEPROM with temperature sensorLow voltage operation: 1.7V min.DFN-8(2030)B
S-34C04APDFSM Bus / I2C-bus *4-Kbit VPD EEPROMLow voltage operation: 1.7V min.DFN-8(2030)A

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