Extended operation temperature range, High-withstand voltage, High-speed, ZCL™ Hall Effect IC S-576Z R Series

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Extended operation temperature range, High-withstand voltage, High-speed, ZCL Hall effect IC

This IC, developed by CMOS technology, is a high-accuracy Hall effect IC that operates with high-withstand voltage over a wide operation temperature range.
The IC switches output voltage level when the IC detects magnetic flux density (magnetic field) polarity changes. The ZCL (Zero Crossing Latch)  detection method realizes polarity changes detection with the higher accuracy than the conventional bipolar latch method. Using this IC with a magnet makes it possible to detect the rotation status in various devices.

ABLIC Inc. offers a "magnetic simulation service" that provides the ideal combination of magnets and our Hall effect ICs for customer systems. Our magnetic simulation service will reduce prototype production, development period and development costs. In addition, it will contribute to optimization of parts to realize high cost performance.
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  • In addition to maintaining the performance of the existing S-576Z B Series, the operation temperature range has been extended (−50°C to +150°C)
  • Uses a thin (t0.80 mm max.) TSOT-23-3S package, allowing for device miniaturization
  • Contributes to reduction of mechanism operation dispersion through high accuracy detection of magnetic flux density (magnetic field) polarity changes
  • Contributes to device safe design with a built-in output current limit circuit


Pole detection
ZCL detection
Output logic*1
VOUT = "L" at S pole detection
VOUT = "H" at S pole detection
Output form*1
Nch open-drain output
Nch driver + built-in pull-up resistor (1.2 kΩ typ.)
Zero crossing latch point
BZ = 0.0 mT typ.
Release point (S pole)*1
BRS = 3.0 mT typ.
BRS = 6.0 mT typ.
Chopping frequency
fC = 500 kHz typ.
Output delay time
tD = 8.0 μs typ.
Power supply voltage range*2
VDD = 2.7 V to 26.0 V
Built-in regulator
Built-in output current limit circuit
Operation temperature range
Ta = −50°C to +150°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free

*1. The option can be selected.
*2. VDD = 2.7 V to 5.5 V when output form is Nch driver + built-in pull-up resistor (1.2 kΩ typ.)


  • Infrastructure equipment
  • Outdoor brushless DC (BLDC) motor
  • Home appliance
  • Housing equipment
  • Industrial equipment

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
    however, these have now been unified into “lead-free and halogen-free” and are identical in terms of environmental quality.
  • Note: Lead-free plating other than 100% Sn is applied to some limited old products, therefore, please contact our sales representatives for details.
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