Ensuring Integrity and Fairness in Our Corporate Activities

We conduct our corporate activities with fairness, integrity and common sense, in accordance with laws and regulations and the needs of the community. This is the foundation of our business. We do not merely abide by laws and regulations. We believe that we can enhance our corporate value and bring about a richer and more sustainable future by living up to the expectations of all of our stakeholders, and by acting in accordance with high moral principles.

We have accordingly formulated a Charter of Corporate Behavior. We have also drawn up a Code of Conduct and Conduct Guidelines for putting the former into practice, and have put a framework for corporate compliance in place that will energize efforts to ensure compliance—that is, corporate activities that are fair, honest, and in accordance with common sense—across the group as a whole.

ABLIC Charter of Corporate Behavior

All of the employees in the ABLIC group share the goal of contributing to a richer and more sustainable future by providing innovative products and services. We aim to enhance our corporate value and create sustainable communities by pursuing our business activities in accordance with high moral principles.
We have established the following basic guidelines to fulfill our social responsibilities.

Article 1. Achieving a Sustainable Society
  • We shall strive to enhance satisfaction and trust among our customers, and also strive for sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues by providing socially beneficial, safe and high-quality goods, services and new value, which are created through fusion of a whole range of knowledge and technologies.
Article 2. Fair and Integrity Corporate Activities
  • We shall maintain a sound relationship with political bodies and government agencies, and shall properly secure information, including personal data and customer information. We shall conduct our corporate activities with fairness and integrity, in accordance with laws and regulations and the demands of society.
Article 3. Respect for Human Rights and the Development of Human Resources
  • We shall achieve safe, healthy, and rewarding working environments that respect the diversity, character, and personality of our employees.
  • We shall support the growth of our employees, and shall evaluate and treat them in a fair manner.
  • We shall strive to develop human resources who possess high level of ethical standards, creativity and expertise.
  • We shall respect not only the human rights and personalities of our employees but also those of all other people involved in our business activities.
Article 4. Harmony with the Environment
  • We shall proactively initiate measures in acknowledgment of environmental issues as the common challenges they pose to humanity.
Article 5. Coexistence with Society
  • We shall aim to be an open company that engages in dialogue with the society and discloses corporate information in a due and proper manner.
  • As a "good corporate citizen", we shall actively engage in community involvement activities including philanthropy.
  • Likewise in our global operations, we shall conduct our business by taking into consideration for the interest of stakeholders, and contribute toward the development of the nations in accordance with this Charter.
Article 6. Thoroughness in Crisis Management
  • We shall ensure systematic crisis management in preparation for anti-social forces, natural disasters, and suchlike that pose a threat to the order and security of society.
Article 7. Commitment of Top Management
  • In accordance with our corporate philosophy and CSR Policy, the top management shall set up an effective mechanism throughout the corporation to implement this Charter and take the lead in an exemplary manner for the implementation within the ABLIC group while encouraging our business counterparts to follow the same example.
  • In case this Charter is violated, the top management shall take charge to resolve the situation, and fulfill its responsibilities to keep others informed, and impose strict disciplinary action against those held responsible, including the top management itself.

Effective from April 1, 2017
Partially revised on January 5, 2018

Corporate Compliance Framework

Educating executives and employees about corporate compliance

Our executives and employees are being educated about corporate compliance in accordance with the Charter of Corporate Behavior, the Code of Conduct, and Conduct Guidelines that follow our corporate philosophy. We are striving to raise awareness. An example is the compliance noticeboard established on the company intranet. It is refreshed regularly.

Moreover, our executives and employees are asked each year to complete a quiz and questionnaire relating to corporate compliance. Issues are identified from an analysis of the findings and used to make improvements. Compliance education for executives includes the Executive Legal Handbook, which is distributed among our executives in recognition of the obligations that stem from their various work-related powers. The Handbook is there so that executives can pursue their duties by properly understanding and properly carrying out their authority and obligations.

Whistleblowing Hotline

We have formulated rules on whistleblowing so that any improper actions and suchlike within the corporation can be speedily discovered and addressed, thereby ensuring that our business follows the law and that we are better able to help ourselves. A Whistleblowing Hotline has been established for the executives and employees of our group (both inside and outside of Japan), as well as for the executives and staff of our clients. Whistleblowers have the option of addressing their concerns to the corporation or to an outside legal firm. Measures are being put in place to ensure that any reports are dealt with in a due and proper manner.

To ensure that whistleblowing works in a due and proper manner, we guarantee that the identities of the whistleblowers will not be made known, and that they will not receive any adverse treatment as a result of their actions.

Whistleblowing in FY2016: Zero cases
Whistleblowing in FY2017: Two cases (Figures for April–December 2017)

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