Power Management ICs

Voltage Regulators (LDO Regulators)

ABLIC’s voltage regulators (LDO regulators) feature the low current consumption, high-withstand voltage, wide operating voltage range, super-small packages, and high ripple rejection ratio. Our LDO regulators contribute to the low power, stable operation and high reliability of power supply circuits. ABLIC offers a wide variety of product lines including a soft start circuit, a inrush current limit circuit, discharge shunt function, output voltage external setting, output capacitor-less, a supply voltage divided output to meet customers needs.

Series Name
(Product Summary)
Data SheetIout

*All Temp.



Features, Option*
* ICL: Inrush current control,
TS: Thermal shutdown, DS: Discharge shunt
Series Name
S-812CPDF75Linear- output current, 16V inputSOT-23-5, SOT-89-3, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H), TO-92, WLP-4R
S-817PDF75Linear- output currentSOT-23-5, SOT-89-3, SC-82AB, SNT-4A, TO-92
S-816PDF1000Linear2.5162.56.02.030-0.14.7With an external taransistorSOT-23-5
S-1317PDF100LDO1. current consumption, overcurrent protectionSOT-23-5, HSNT-4(1010)
S-1318PDF100LDO1. current consumption, overcurrent protectionSOT-23-5, HSNT-4(1010)
S-1112PDF150LDO2. product with high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H)
S-1122PDF150LDO2. product with high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5
S-1167PDF150LDO2. current consumption, high ripple rejectionSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H)
S-1312PDF150LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS* SOT-23-5, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)
S-1312xxxHPDF150LDO1.°C operation, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, HSNT-4(1010)
S-1323PDF150LDO2. productSC-82AB, SNT-4A
S-1335PDF150LDO1. ripple rejection, Soft start function, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4 (1010)
S-13R1PDF150LDO2. current protection, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(1010)
S-1200PDF150LDO2.0101.55.51.018700.140.110V input supportSOT-23-5, SNT-6A(H), HSNT-6A
S-1222B/DPDF200LDO3.0282.312.01.06.5-0.351.0Low-profile 0.33mm(max.), low consump., TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A, HSOP-6, SOT-89-5, HTMSOP-8, SOT-23-5, DFN-6(1518)A
S-1313PDF200LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)
S-1313xxxHPDF200LDO1.°C Operation, 0.8mm super-small package, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)
S-1315PDF200LDO1. capacitor-less, DS*SOT-23-5, HSNT-6(1212)
S-1324PDF200LDO1. consump., low noise 17μVrmsSOT-23-5, SC-82AB, HSNT-4(1010)
S-1206PDF250LDO1. current consumptionSOT-23-3, SOT-89-3, SNT-6A(H)
S-1131PDF300LDO2., SOT-89-5, 6-Pin_HSON(A)
S-1132PDF300LDO2.µF capcitor availableSOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H)
S-1133PDF300LDO2.0101.28.21.060700.131.0External setting of Vout support, TS*SOT-89-5, SNT-8A
S-1135PDF300LDO1. high heat dissipation package, DS*SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, HSNT-6A
S-1137PDF300LDO1. start, DS*SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, SNT-6A(H)
S-1333PDF300LDO1. super-small package, TS*, DS*SOT-23-5, HSNT-4(0808), HSNT-4(1010)
S-1155PDF500LDO1.*, TS*SOT-89-5
S-1170PDF800LDO2.*SOT-89-5, 6-Pin_HSON(A)
S-1172PDF1000LDO1.*, TS*SOT-89-5, HSOP-6
S-13A1PDF1000LDO1. setting of Vout support, ICL*, TS*, DS*HSOP-8A, HSOP-6, SOT-89-5, HSNT-6A
S-818PDF300LDO-, SOT-89-5
S-1701PDF400LDO+VD2. LDO circuit + 1 detector circuitSOT-23-5, SOT-89-5
S-1711PDF1502 LDOs2. LDO circuits, DS*SOT-23-6, SNT-6A
S-1721PDF1502 LDOs1. LDO circuits, high ripple rejectionSOT-23-6, SNT-6A
S-1740/1741PDF100LDO1. voltage divided outputSOT-23-5, HSNT-6(1212), HSNT-4(1010)
S-13D1PDF1502 LDOs1. LDO circuits, delay function, TS*, DS*SOT-23-6, HSNT-6(1212)
S-87XPDF50VR+VD- input support VR + detectorSOT-89-5
S-1212B/DPDF250LDO3.0362.5162.06.5400.351.036V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, HSOP-6, HSOP-8A, HTMSOP-8
S-1213PDF500LDO2.8361.8301.05-0.131.0External setting of Vout support, 36V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A
S-1214PDF1000LDO2.8361.8301.05-0.131.0External setting of Vout support, 36V high input, 105℃ operation, TS*, DS*TO-252-5S(A), HSOP-8A
S-1142A/BPDF200LDO3.0502.0151.04500.350.150V high input (low current consumption), TS*HSOP-6
S-1142C/DPDF200LDO3.0502.0151.04500.350.150V high input (low current consumption), TS*HSOP-6

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