[High quality and varied product lineup]

We have achieved a stable product supply while striving to satisfy the demand for uncompromised quality,
and we respond flexibly and quickly to market changes.

Power Management ICs

Our product lineup features ultra-low current consumption and ultra-low voltage operation, high-accuracy detection using laser trimming, and ultra-small and thin packages, which were derived from CMOS IC development for quartz watches.

  • Linear regulators (LDO regulators)
  • Voltage detectors(Reset ICs)
  • Watchdog timers
  • Switching regulators(DC-DC converters)
  • Boost charge pump IC
  • Lithium-ion battery protection ICs,etc.

Smartphones, Computers, AI speakers, Electric tools, Smart cards, Wearable devices, Wireless earphones


We offer a wide range lineup of highly reliable and high-quality serial EEPROMs for general use, DIMMs and SSDs.

  • General use serial EEPROMs (SPI, I2C, Microwire)
  • EEPROMs for DIMM (SPD)
  • EEPROMs for SSD (VPD)

Air conditioners, Rice cookers, LCD TVs, Washing machines, Vaccuum cleaners  Microwave ovens, Video cameras, Multifunciton devices, DIMM modules, Healthcare devices


Our product lineup includes various types of hall effect ICs and temperature sensors, with such features as highly sensitive, low current consumption operation and high temperature operation.
These sensors and CMOS operational amplifiers and comparators with low voltage and low current consumption, are expected to apply for a wide variety of fields.

  • Hall effect ICs
  • TMR sensor ICs
  • Temperature sensor ICs
  • Operational amplifiers
  • Comparators

LCD TVs, Brushless DC motors, Digital cameras, SSDs, Face cleansing brushes, Smartphones (with a folio cover)

Timer ICs and ASSPs

Our timer ICs and ASSPs—including real-time clock ICs and various timer ICs with ultra-low current consumption, and ultra-small wireless transmission control ICs enabling the simple building of a small wireless transmission system—all perform their functions in a wide variety of fields.

  • Real-time clock ICs
  • Wake-up timer ICs
  • Interval timer ICs
  • Counter IC
  • Power sequencers
  • Wireless Power ICs

Power meters, Security cameras, Blood pressure meters, Multifunction devices, Water tank heaters, Wearable devices (time keeping and wireless charging)

[Products, solutions, and packages
pursuing safety and security]

We implement quality assurance based on the experience we gained in manufacturing automotive products and our quality system, and promise safety and security. We meticulously and promptly support our customers in gaining a business advantage.

Automotive ICs

Our automotive ICs utilize the low current consumption and high-accuracy technologies we cultivated with CMOS IC technology for quartz watches. We have high-quality product lineup, including EEPROM which has the top share in Japan for in-vehicle use.

  • Linear regulators (LDO regulators)
  • Voltage trackers
  • Voltage detectors (Battery monitoring & Reset ICs)
  • Watchdog timers
  • Switching regulators (DC-DC converters)
  • Connection diagnosis ICs
  • Lithium-ion battery protection ICs
  • Serial EEPROMs (SPI,I2C,Microwire)
  • Hall effect ICs
  • Convenience timers / Real-time clock ICs
  • Operational Amplifiers

Headlights, Navigation systems, Meters, Drive recorders, ABS, Smart keys, Airbag mechanisms, Auto drive functions, HUD dashboards, ECU, Steering, EV power supply

Healthcare ICs

Our product lineup includes a variety of ICs for ultrasound imaging.
High integration of peripheral circuitry and other features facilitates the downsizing of equipment and cost reduction.

  • Ultrasound digital transmit pulsers
  • Ultrasound linear transmit pulsers
  • High-voltage analog switches

Ultrasound diagnostic equipment

CLEAN-Boost® Solution

CLEAN-Boost® technology is utilized for wireless transmission and other electrical energy. It makes use of minute energy which has conventionally been discarded until now, as well as our original storage and boosting technology , which we have researched and developed over many years.
CLEAN-Boost® uses electricty from sunlight, body heat, vibrations, and other natural phenomena as energy. This technology will help to facilitate IoT cloud services that are simple to set up and require no battery changes.

ex. Time to replace the kitty litter, Leak detected from drain pipes on the 25th floor

Micro Package Solutions »

Our lineup includes a variety of high power dissipation packages that are also ultra small (0.8 mm × 0.8 mm) and ultra thin (maximum of 0.33 mm), cultivated by watch development technologies.


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