Power Management ICs

Introduction – Voltage Regulator ICs (LDO Regulators)

Low current consumption, High-withstand voltage, wide operating voltage range, Highaccuracy, Super-smallpackages

Voltage regulators from ABLIC Inc. provide the best solution for every product.

ABLIC Inc.’s voltage regulators contribute to the low current consumption, stable operation, and high reliability of power supply circuits.
An extensive lineup is available to respond to diverse customer needs.

1. Overview

( ) Output current

Low current consumption

Current consumption is dramatically reduced by using the latest CMOS process technology.

High-withstand voltage, wide operating voltage range

From low input voltages to high input voltages.

  • 1.4V to 5.5V: S-1315PDF(200mA)
  • 3.0V to 50V: S-1142PDF(200mA)

High accuracy

High accuracy voltage regulators use highly accurate trimming technology to achieve an output voltage accuracy of ±1.0%.

  • High output voltage accuracy ±1.0%

Note : Limited to certain products

Super-small packages

Super-small packages in which the leads protrude from the mold resin.

2. Lineup

( ) Output current

Achieves a low current consumption with low ouput noise

  • 17μVrms at 7μA: S-1324PDF(200mA)

Achieves a low current consumption with high ripple rejection

Stable operation with small output capacitors

Low on resistance (low dropout voltage)

Batteries can be used to their full capacity, extending the battery life.

Supports a wide range of output voltages

The lineup consists of 0.8V, 1.0V, and 1.2V output products to respond to the low-voltage portable devices.

Enhances output current lineups

We offer a lineup of large output current products.

Extensive package lineup

We offer a diverse lineup of packages, from super-small packages such as the HSNT-4(0808) to packages with high power dissipation such as 1000 mW and 2000 mW.

The new package HSNT-6A can dissipate 1000 mW and the HSOP-6 can dissipate 2000 mW when mounted on the board.

Lineup of composite products

Composite products

The S-13D1 Series C/F type has a built-in delay function that sets the difference of rising time and of falling time between two channels.

  • Delay function:
    S-13D1PDF(LDO×2, 150mA)

S-13D1 Series

3. Strengthened functions

( ) Output current

Startup inrush current measures(1)

♦ Soft start circuit (function for slowly starting the output power)

– Uses an external capacitor so that the rising time is variable:

– Rising time is internally fixed (select from 1 ms or 0.1 ms):

 Soft start circuit (function for slowly starting the output power)

Startup inrush current measures(2)

♦Inrush current control circuit (controls input current for a fixed time):

 The signal of the device rises slowly to prevent malfunctioning and achieves a highly reliable device.

Compresses the output voltage falling time when the power is turned off.

♦Discharge shunt function:
S-13D1PDF(LDO×2, 150mA)

  1. Power off the ON/OFF pin
  2. The output transistor is off
  3. The discharge shunt circuit is on
  4. The output capacitor is discharged
Discharge shunt function

The output voltage can be set freely.

♦ External setting of the output voltage:


 Product for setting the output voltage externally

The voltage regulator can be run as an LDO regulator for stable operations even when there is no output capacitor.

♦Output capacitor-less :

 No capacitor required