Linear Regulators (LDO Regulators)

Introduction – Linear Regulator ICs (LDO Regulators)

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Voltage regulators from ABLIC inc.
provide the best solution for every product!

ABLIC voltage regulators contribute to the low power consumption, stable operation, and
high reliability of power supply circuits and respond to diverse customer needs with an extensive lineup.


( )Output current

1. Low current consumption

Current consumption is dramatically reduced by using the latest CMOS process technology. Ideal for IoT devices and other battery-operated applications.

0.095μA (typ.)
0.35μA (typ.)
S-1317(100mA), S-1740/1(100mA)
0.9μA (typ.)
S-1313(200mA), S-1313 H(200mA)
1.0μA (typ.)
S-812C(75mA), S-1206(250mA)

2. High-withstand voltage

Our lineup includes high-withstand voltage products for industrial equipment.

10V withstand voltage
S-817(75mA), S-1200(150mA), S-1133(300mA)
16V withstand voltage
S-812C(75mA), S-816(1A)
24V or greater withstand voltage
S-87x(50mA), S-1222B/D(200mA), S-1212B/D(250mA), S-1213(500mA), S-1214(1A), S-1142(200mA)

3. Ultra-small and ultra-thin packages

0.8mm square ultra-small and 0.33mm (max.) ultra-thin packages contribute to high-density mounting.

S-1312(150mA), S-1313(200mA), S-1313 H(200mA), S-1333(300mA)
S-1317(100mA), S-1318(100mA), S-1312(150mA), S-1312 H(150mA), S-1335(150mA), S-13R1(150mA),
S-1313(200mA), S-1313 H(200mA), S-1324(200mA), S-1333(300mA), S-1740/1(100mA)
S-13D1(150mA), S-1740/1(100mA)

4. High-temperature operation

Our lineup of 105°C operation products can be used in industrial equipment and a wide variety of applications.

105°C operation
S-1312 H(150mA), S-1313 H(200mA), S-1212B/D(200mA), S-1213(500mA), S-1214(1A)

Automotive ICs



1. The world's smallest class! Current consumption of 95nA! S-1318

・Extends the life of IoT devices.
Comparison of current consumption

・Ultra-small 1.0mm square package helps further shrink board size.
HSNT-4 pkg

2. The world's first LDO with supply voltage divided output! S-1740/1

・Easily realizes simplified monitoring method of remaining battery life.
Supply voltage divided output
Function that divides the input voltage of power supply IC using built-in high resistance and outputs it via a buffer.
This output is connected to an A/D converter in the MCU, enabling the MCU to monitor battery voltage.introduction S-1740

3. A high-withstand voltage LDO offered in a wide package lineup including small, thin and high-heat dissipating packages! S-1222B/D

・The customer can select the package that best suits application requirements.
introduction S-1222BD

4. Power sequencer IC controlling the on/off-sequences of multiple power supplies S-77100/1

・Easily supports multiple power supply sequences.
・Single external capacitor enables time adjustments.
introduction S-77100