Power Management ICs

Introduction – Voltage Detector IC (Reset IC)

ABLIC Inc.’s voltage detectors (Reset ICs) feature a small package, low current consumption and high accuracy, facilitating circuit board design. Our extensive lineup includes a product with a detection voltage of 0.8 V and a product with a delay circuit. Due to their small size and low current consumption characteristics, these ICs can be used in various applications such as portable devices. ABLIC Inc. has been developing and producing voltage detectors (Reset ICs) which are small and which feature low current consumption and high accuracy for more than 20 years. We plan to continue developing a range of products that respond to our customers’ diverse needs. * ABLIC Inc.’s share in the CMOS voltage detector (Reset IC) market: Data taken from ABLIC Inc. market research.

1. Top class share in the industry*

Voltage Detector market shareABLIC Inc.’s voltage detectors (Reset ICs) have been used in many portable devices around the world. In order to respond to our customers’ needs, we plan to expand our lineup of low-current-consumption, high-accuracy and small-size ICs for portable devices.

2. Low current consumption of 270 nA

Low current consumption of 270 nA The S-1009 SeriesPDF substantially extends battery life with its ultra low current consumption of 270 nA.

3. High detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5%

High detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5%Ultra-high detection voltage accuracy of ±0.5% The ±0.5% ultra-high detection voltage accuracy achieved by the S-1009 SeriesPDF enables highly accurate detection of the battery (power supply) voltage.The S-1009 SeriesPDF facilitates power supply circuit design and allows long-time operation.

4. Small package

SC-82AB PackageSmall package makes the volume/area for mounting much smaller compared to conventional products, enabling high-density mounting. SNT-4A package: 1.6 × 1.2 × 0.5 mm (S-1009 SeriesPDF)

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