Trista Chen

Trista ChenGeneral Manager (ABLIC Taiwan Inc.)

In 2005, she joined the former Seiko Instruments Taiwan Inc. and served as director of the sales promotion division for micro energy.
In 2012, she became director of the business promotion division in the new Smart Energy Department and engaged in FAE.
In 2016, she became the director of the sales division for the semiconductor department.
In 2022, she was appointed chief executive officer of ABLIC Taiwan Inc. and now carries out administrative operations, sales, and GM as the leader of the office in Taiwan.


I believe I can add value to society through my current duties by nurturing human resources who possess modesty, a sense of responsibility, and dynamism.

My colleagues on the ABLIC Global One Team each have disparate values, yet every one of us works toward the same objectives. We’re a collection of coworkers capable of speedily producing synergy within the team while helping one another because we each understand our own goals and roles.

Trista Chen

Together with my global colleagues, we’ll continue to face various issues and changes head-on and strive to make our company a place worth working.