Kyonghoan Choi

Kyonghoan ChoiPresident (ABLIC Korea Inc.)

In 2005, he joined the former Seiko Instruments Korea Inc.(predecessor to ABLIC Korea Inc.) where he was in charge of analog semiconductor sales and FAE.
In 2022, he was appointed representative director of ABLIC Korea Inc. and is currently engaged in administrative operations, sales, and GM as the leader of the office in Korea.


Contributing through passion, a sense of responsibility, and convictions

In a global situation of drastic ups and downs akin to a roller coaster, I believe companies are required to make bold decisions and take swift action.

At ABLIC, the comprehensive strengths of the Global One Team are constantly being stressed. I believe it is precisely because of our reliable performance of making clear decisions and taking swift action that our collective strengths have become even stronger and we are able to grow our company.

Kyonghoan Choi

I am certain our most valuable resources of passion with responsibility and grounded convictions further draw out our company's comprehensive strengths!

Founded on enthusiastic passion, a strong sense of responsibility, and just convictions, ABLIC Korea is making contributions enabling us to further boost our collective strengths as a Global One Team by exercising decision-making and implementing actions to achieve results, namely sales and profit.