Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36V Input, 250mA
Voltage Tracker IC with Reverse Current Protection

S-19721 Series


Improves higher-accuracy sensing and safety design!

  • The industry’s lowest class* offset voltage of ±4.5mV
    Enhances sensor reading accuracy
  • Anomaly Notification
    Improves the safety design of automotive devices

  • Ideal packages are custom-tailored to applications

Low offset voltage voltage tracker IC
with anomaly notification

S-19721 Series

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Low Offset Voltage Voltage Tracker IC with Anomaly Notification
Improves Higher-accuracy Sensing and Safety Design!

The industry’s lowest class* offset voltage of ±4.5mV enhances sensor reading accuracy

The S-19721 is a voltage tracker with the industry’s lowest class* offset voltage of ±4.5mV.
The low offset voltage contributes to a low permissible error in voltage tracking, improving sensor reading accuracy of various sensors.
The S-19721 can output 250mA and it can be used selectively for various sensors depending on the application, along with the S-19720 which uses a 50mA output.
*Based on our research as of July 2023.

» What is a Voltage Tracker?

Anomaly Notification improves the safety design of automotive devices

In ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) and other systems, the ability of ICs to notify the outside world of their own abnormalities contributes to further improvements in safety design.

The S-19721 has an anomaly notification that detects its own abnormal activity and outputs it’s status.
It can handle three types of abnormalities: overvoltage, overcurrent at the output pin, and heating of itself. It is possible to select the appropriate combination of outputs according to the specifications and applications.

The S-19721 also integrates various protection functions to protect the IC from those abnormal conditions.

Ideal packages are custom-tailored to applications

The S-19721 with its 36V input and 250mA output current is housed in a standard HSOP-8A package.

The lineup also includes a high heat dissipation TO-252-9S package that is the power source for heat distribution of LDO, as well as a compact HSNT-8(2030) package that contributes to reducing the footprint.


  • Power supply for an automotive ECU off-board ratiometric sensors
ECU Off board ratiometric sensor
Inverter Current sensor
On Board Charger Current sensor
BMS Temperature sensor
EPS Torque sensor
ESC Steering angle sensor
Body Control Module Ambient light sensor
Power Slide Door Linear Hall sensor
Heat Pump Pressure sensor
HVAC Temperature sensor
Cluster Fuel sender gauge
Engine Control Unit Angular position sensor
Electric Fuel Injection Pressure sensor

Automotive Linear Regulators (125°C Operation) Product Lineup


Product name S-19721
Input voltage 4.0V to 36.0V
Offset voltage ±4.5mV (0.1mA ≤ IOUT ≤ 250mA)
Dropout voltage 330mV typ. (VADJ = 4.0V, IOUT = 125mA)
Output current  Possible to output 250mA (VIN = VADJ + 2.0V) 
Current consumption During operation: 40µA typ.
During power-off: 3.7μA typ.
Package TO-252-9S,
HSOP-8A, HSNT-8(2030)
Automotive quality AEC-Q100 qualified
Operation temperature range Ta = -40°C to +125°C


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