Introduction – Temperature Sensor ICs


Introduction –
Temperature Sensor ICs


ABLIC’s temperature sensor ICs offers digital output temperature sensor ICs that output a digital signal corresponding to the temperature, analog output temperature sensor ICs that output an analog voltage corresponding to the temperature, and temperature switch ICs (thermostat ICs) that output a H/L signal corresponding to the temperature.
We support the temperature monitoring and control of equipment with an extensive lineup of products featuring high accuracy, ultra-low current consumption and high temperature operation.

1. Digital Output Temperature Sensor ICs

Outputs digital temperature information with high-resolution.

Typical product Webshop (online samples)

S-5852A Series


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  1. ① Operation temperature range : -40℃~+125℃
  2. ② High-accuracy temperature detection : ±0.5℃ typ.
  3. ③ Built-in thermostat function

◆ Examples of Application Circuit

The temperature data detected in S-5852A can be digitally output to the MCU in high resolution 0.0625°C. Moreover, system resetting at a set temperature is also possible due to the thermostat function.

■ Major applications

LCD contrast compensation, device board temperature monitoring, etc.

・Other applications
 Information equipment, air conditioning systems, etc.


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2. Analog Output Temperature Sensor ICs

Outputs linear voltage against the temperature change.

Typical product Webshop (online samples)

S-58LM20A Series


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  1. ①Operation temperature range : -55℃~+130℃
  2. ② Excellent linearity
  3. ③ Simple circuit configuration : No need for parts such as resistors and operational amplifiers compared to thermistor configurations.

◆ Comparison between our analog output temperature sensor and a thermistor

■ Major applications

Image sensor temperature characteristic compensation, lithium-ion battery temperature monitoring, etc.

・Other applications
 Smartphone, smart speaker, etc.


3. Temperature Switch ICs

The output is inverted if the ambient temperature of the device reaches the IC’s set temperature.
Constant monitoring operation is available independent of microcontroller, realizing temperature protection and temperature management with a simple circuit configuration.

Typical product Webshop (online samples)

S-5844A Series


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  1. ① Industry-leading level of ultra-low current consumption : 0.18μA
  2. ② Operation temperature range : -40℃~+125℃
  3. ③ Super-small 1.0mm square package

◆ Optimal for use in IoT devices and wearable devices

The 0.18μA ultra-low current consumption extends battery life,
while the super-small 1.0mm square package facilitates board and device miniaturization.
This renders the ICs optimal for use in IoT devices and wearable devices that require greater protection from overheating.

■ Major applications

Halt of the circuit near heat-generating portions, protection of lithium-ion battery against overheating, etc.

・Other applications
 Various types of IoT sensor nodes, etc.


■ Timing chart for temperature switch ICs


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