Introduction – Temperature Sensor ICs

ABLIC Inc.’s temperature sensor ICs enable highly accurate temperature detection without circuit adjustment.

ABLIC Inc.’s abundant lineup of temperature sensors operating under high temperature with super-low current consumption meets all your needs for temperature monitoring and control!
ABLIC Inc. offers a variety of temperature sensor ICs, including analog output temperature sensor ICs that provide the linear output voltage, digital temperature sensor ICs, PWM output temperature sensor ICs, and temperature switch ICs (thermostat ICs) that invert the output according to the detected temperature. These ICs are suitable for a wide range of applications such as temperature control and detection.

1. Analog Output Temperature Sensor ICs

ABLIC Inc.’s Analog Output Temperature Sensor ICs output linear voltage against the temperature change.

Analog output temperature ICs have better linearities than thermistors. Thermistors have resistance values that vary according to temperature, but are not linear. When using a thermistor, therefore, linearization calculations and adjustments based on the temperature and voltage are required. With ABLIC Inc.’s analog output temperature sensor ICs, simple circuit design is possible because the ICs output linear voltage.

■ Typical product: S-58LM20A SeriesPDF

  • Operation temperature range: -55°C to +130°C
  • Excellent Iinearity: Linearization calculations and adjustment are not required.
  • Simple circuit structure: High-accuracy temperature information can be acquired with a simple circuit structure of few external components.

Comparison between an analog output temperature sensor of ABLIC Inc. and a thermistor

■ Applications

  • LCD contrast compensation
  • High-frequency circuits compensation in Wi-Fi
  • Lighting equipment (Overheating prevention for lamps)
  • Smart phone (Temperature compensation)

Lighting equipment/Smart phone

2. Digital Output Temperature Sensor ICs

ABLIC Inc.’s Digital Output Temperature Sensor ICs output digital temperature information with high-resolution.

Without need for external parts, ABLIC Inc.’s digital output temperature sensor ICs measure temperatures with high resolution. The built-in temperature sensor, reference voltage circuit, and 12-bit ΔΣA/D converter achieve high-density mounting.

■ Typical product: S-5851A SeriesPDF

  • Operation temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • High-accuracy resolution: The built-in high-accuracy 12-bit ⊿ΣA/D converter outputs temperature information with high accuracy and high-resolution
  • Two-wire serial interface (I2C-bus): Possible to connect to multiple sensors. The temperatures at up to 8 locations can be measured.

Built-in high-accuracy 12-bit ⊿ΣA/D converter / Connection example of multiple sensors

■ Applications

  • LCD TV (LCD temperature management)
  • Digital camera (Temperature compensation)
  • SSD (Temperature management)
  • Information equipment, air conditioning system

LED TV/Digital camera/SSD

3. Temperature Switch ICs (Thermostat ICs)

The output is inverted if the ambient temperature of the device reaches the IC’s set temperature.
Temperature protection and temperature management can be implemented easily.

■ Typical product: S-5844A SeriesPDF

  • Leading super-low current consumption of the industry: 0.18μA
  • Operation temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • Super-small 1.0mm square package
Type Hysteresis type
Typical products S-5844A SeriesPDF
Main feature When the detection temperature is reached, the output is inverted, and the output is restored if the temperature falls.
Main applications Game console/Smart phone/Notebook PC/Power tool

  • Shutting down according to the temperature near heat-generating components.
  • Specifying the charging and discharging temperature range for lithium-ion batteries.
Other applications PNDs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, air conditioners, projectors, hot water heaters, gas meters, electricity meters, fans, and other applications

Timing charts for the three types of temperature switch ICs