1. Amazing Features of ABLIC’s Wireless Power Transfer!

This page summarizes ABLIC’s unique wireless power transfer. The S-847x Series is a compact and simple wireless power IC that is not bound by Qi standard. It is ideal for products that require non-contact operation, such as wearable devices and devices used in wet environments.

Only Essential Functions Utilized: Simple Wireless Power Transfer

Realizes simple wireless power transfer


Unrestricted Wireless Power Transfer: No Need for Qi Standard Compliance

 No need for Qi standard compliance


Less Burdensome On-Board Examination. Direct Monitoring of IC Pins

Packages with outer leads


Compact 8mm × 8mm PCB Enables Wireless Power Transfer

Compact 8mm × 8mm PCB enables wireless power transfer


Fully Waterproof When Charging Lithium Batteries in Wet Environments

With ABLIC’s wireless power transfer, there is no need to expose charging pins. Therefore, it is perfect for beauty appliances used in places like washstands, for example.

ABLIC's wireless power transfer with full waterproof protection


Convenient Power Supply Status Display Function

Power Supply status display function

As seen in the image right, the light turns on during charging and turns off during standby (S-8474 Series).


Reliable Temperature Protection Function

Temperature protection function

Temperature protection is achieved by placing a thermistor at the specific location where temperature detection is required.