Power Management ICs

Battery Backup Switching IC S-8424A Series

The S-8424A Series is a CMOS IC designed for use in the switching circuits of primary and backup power supplies on a single chip. It consists of two voltage regulators, three voltage detectors, a power supply switch and its controller, as well as other functions.
In addition to the switching function between the primary and backup power supply, the S-8424A Series can provide the microcontrollers with three types of voltage detection output signals corresponding to the power supply voltage.
Moreover adopting a special sequence for switch control enables the effective use of the backup power supply, making this IC ideal for configuring a backup system.


Low power consumption
Normal operation: 15 µA max. (VIN = 6 V)
Backup: 2.1 µA max.
Voltage regulator
Output voltage tolerance±2%
Output voltage: Independently selectable in 0.1 V steps in the range of 2.3 V to 5.4 V
Three built-in voltage detectors (CS, PREEND, RESET)
Detection voltage precision: ±2%
Detection voltage: Selectable in 0.1 V steps in the range of 2.4 V to 5.3 V (CS voltage detector), Selectable in 0.1 V steps in the range of 1.7 V to 3.4 V (PREEND, RESET voltage detector)
Switching circuit for primary power supply and backup power supply configurable on one chip
Efficient use of backup power supply possible
Special sequence
Backup voltage is not output when the primary power supply voltage does not reach the initial voltage at which the switch unit operates.
Lead-free products


  • Video camera recorders
  • Still video cameras
  • Memory cards
  • SRAM backup equipment

Standard Circuit

Standard Circuit

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