Quad ±100V 2A 5-Level Ultrasound Pulser HDL6V5541

DatasheetJul. 19, 2022


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The ABLIC Inc. HDL6V5541 is a four-channel, unconditional five-level, high-voltage, high-speed pulser with active ground damping for medical ultrasound imaging applications. The HDL6V5541 consists of logic interfaces, level translators, MOSFET gate drive buffers employing direct coupling topology, high-voltage, high-current MOSFETs, and active T/R switches. The HDL6V5541 adopts a 3-to-6 decoder with user-selectable clock/transparent mode control.


  • 4-channel, 5-level pulser with active ground damping and active T/R switch with 3-input/channel


  • 0 to ±100V output voltage
  • ±2.0A source and sink peak current without output blocking high-voltage (HV) diodes
  • ±1.4A source and sink peak current with ±0.6A active clamping with output blocking HV diodes
  • ±1.0A source and sink peak current for active ground damping with output blocking HV diodes
  • 500Ω (±50mA) active ground damping without output blocking HV diodes (Analog SW type)
  • Mutually symmetrical positive and negative pulse waveforms for low 2nd order distortion
  • 3-to-6 decoder with clock/transparent mode control
  • 10Ω active T/R switch with logic-input/direct-input mode control
  • Up to 20MHz operation frequency (@±60V output, 220pF load)
  • 1.8V to 5V CMOS logic interface
  • Noise-cut low-voltage (LV) diodes at each output
  • 4-mode output drive current control for power saving
  • Thermal protection
  • Latch-up free, low crosstalk between channels by SOI CMOS technology
  • 64-lead 9x9mm QFN package (RoHS compliant)

Block diagram