Quad ±100V 2A True 5-Level Ultrasound Pulser HDL6M05543

The ABLIC Inc. HDL6M05543 is a quad, true 5-level RTZ, high-voltage, high-speed ultrasound pulser. The HDL6M05543 comprises logic interfaces, level translators, MOSFET gate drive buffers with floating voltage regulators, high-voltage, high-current MOSFETs, and active T/R switches.


  • Quad true 5-level pulser with active T/R switch with 3-input per channel


  • 0 to ±100V output voltage
  • ±2A source and sink peak current for the 1st high-voltage (HV) pulses (VPP1/VNN1)
  • ±2A source and sink peak current with ±1A active clamp for the 2nd HV pulses (VPP2/VNN2)
  • ±2A source and sink peak current for active ground clamp
  • 250Ω (±0.1A) active ground clamp without blocking diode for anti-leakage (Analog SW type)
  • Embedded floating voltage regulators
  • Symmetrical positive and negative pulse waveforms for low 2nd order harmonic distortion
  • Up to 200MHz LVDS/LVCMOS clock with 2-bit edge control (transparent mode available)
  • 10Ω active T/R switch with 2-bit turn-on timing control
  • 20MHz output frequency @±60V output, 220pF load
  • 1.8V to 5V CMOS logic interface
  • Noise-cut diodes at each HV output
  • 4-mode output current control for the 2nd HV rail
  • Automatic thermal protection with indicator
  • Power-up/down reset function for free power sequencing and for fail-safe in abrupt power drop
  • Latch-up free, low crosstalk between channels by SOI CMOS technology
  • 64-lead 9x9mm QFN package (RoHS compliant)

Block diagram