Automotive Headlamps & Rear Lamps

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ICs ideal for Headlamps & Rear Lamps

for automotive Headlamps & Rear Lamps

Headlamps continue to evolve from halogen lamps to HID and LED. In addition to their basic performance which improves visibility at night and in bad weather, headlamps also play an important role in ADAS. Examples of ADAS include, an Auto Leveling System that adjusts the optical axis vertically according to the vehicle’s front/rear tilt, an AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) that automatically moves the optical axis left or right according to the steering wheel angle and the vehicle speed, and an ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) that uses cameras to control the high beam by recognizing oncoming vehicles and vehicles driving in front. Rear Lamps are also being switched from bulbs to LEDs which are more advantageous.
ABLIC offers ICs ideal for Headlamps and Rear Lamps, which continue to evolve. ABLIC offers a comprehensive range of products: such as LDOs with built-in watchdog timers for monitoring MCUs, battery monitoring ICs that monitor 12V auxiliary batteries for abnormal voltages, ZCL™ Hall effect ICs which operate ideally in BLDC motors for auto-leveling and cooling fans.

ICs ideal for Headlamps & Rear Lamps

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VDD RO PMOUT Levelling / Cooling fan SENSE 12V Battery MCU Motor Motor Inverter Driver, LED LED Driver (Supply voltage divided output) Controller Boost WDT VD LDO monitoring IC Battery EEPROM Hall effect IC Hall effect IC Hall effect IC LDO

*VD: Voltage detector (Reset IC)   *LDO: Low-dropout regulator   *WDT: Watchdog timer


ICs ideal for Headlamps & Rear Lamps

Product Recommended product Applications and Features
LDO Regulator
(Linear Regulator)
S-19212 Powers the sensor. The output voltage can be set between 2.5 to 16V.
Watchdog Timer S-1951x With reset and LDO regulator functions. Current consumption of 3.0µA.
Battery Monitoring IC
(Voltage detector)
S-19117/9 With supply voltage divided output. Built-in SENSE Pin reverse connection protection circuit. Current consumption of 0.75µA
Hall effect IC
(Magnetic sensor IC)
S-57TZ S ZCL™ Hall effect ICs are perfect for BLDC motor control, creating stable BLDC motor control over a wide temperature range.
Hall effect IC
(Magnetic sensor IC)
S-57RB S Bipolar Hall effect Latch ICs with a thin and small package. The thin package contributes to thinner BLDC motors.
Serial EEPROM. Built-in data protection functions. 105°C max. operation.