Extended Operation Temperature Range,
High-withstand Voltage, High-speed, ZCL® Hall Effect IC

S-576Z R Series


Requirements for
outdoor installations
such as 5G base station antennas or electric valves

  • Stable and dependable operation
    over a wide temperature range from severe cold to blistering heat
  • Durability
    that does not surrender to wear, dust or dirt

Birth of the S-576Z R Series of ZCL Hall effect ICs for motor control

The wide operation temperature range of the S-576Z R Series Hall effect IC optimizes the BLDC motor used for controlling moving parts.

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S-576Z R Series

The ZCL hall effect IC is
a new generation of Hall effect ICs
that change the output signal at the
point polarity changes (zero crossing point) and employs

the world’s first*1 detection method optimized for
brushless DC motor control.

Explains the World’s First
Detection Mechanism
≫”What is a ZCL Hall effect IC?”

ZCL Hall Effect ICs Ideal for BLDC Motors

Stable control of operation of physical infrastructure even at -50°C

Optimizes operation of physical infrastructure

The S-576Z R Series of ZCL Hall effect ICs are ideal for controlling BLDC motor rotation used for opening and closing electric valve actuators or adjusting 5G base station antennas orientation.

S-576Z R Series can do the following:
• operate over a wide temperature range from -50 to +150°C.

• employ the ZCL detection methodology to ensure that rotation control is not affected by housing variations or ambient temperature fluctuations.

Creates a BLDC motor impervious to temperature fluctuations or design tolerances

A ZCL Hall effect IC detects when magnetic flux density exceeds 0mT. When used in a BLDC motor for rotation control,

• stable control is enabled at all times since the IC is unaffected by changes in magnetic flux density caused by temperature fluctuations or changes in the distance between the magnet and the Hall effect IC.

• accurate and smooth motor rotation is ensured without the need for complex calibration.

Specifications ideal for motors

• High ESD Performance
To cope with the harsh environment during motor installation, it has anti-ESD performance of HBM:8,000V.

• Built-in Pull-up Resistor
S-576Z R Series integrate a 1.2kΩ pull-up resistor, which is ideal for reducing the delay in the rise and fall times of signal output.

• Wide Operating Voltage Range
The wide operating voltage range of 2.7V – 26.0V ensures stable sensor signal output at motor start and stop.


Brushless DC motor

  • Infrastructure equipment, Outdoor brushless DC motor(5G base station antennas, electric valve actuators)
  • Home appliance, Housing equipment, Industrial equipment

Hall effect ICs for Motors


Product name S-576Z R Series
  for general use
Power supply voltage range VDD=2.7V to 26.0V
Pole detection ZCL detection
Output logic
VOUT=”L” at S pole detection
VOUT= “H” at S pole detection
Output form
Nch open-drain output
Nch driver + built-in pull-up resistor (1.2 kΩ typ.)
Zero crossing latch point BZ=0.0mT typ.
Release point (S pole) BRS= 3.0 mT typ
BRS= 6.0 mT typ
Chopping frequency fC= 500kHz typ.
Output delay time tD=8.0μs typ.
Operation temperature range Ta=−50°C to +150°C


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S-576Z R Series