Automotive, 125℃ operation, 36V input, 250mA,
Built-in Window Watchdog Timer Linear Regulator with Reset Function

S-19514/5/8 Series


Automotive ECU Requirements

  • Reduce standby current
    for all parts and the entire ECU
  • Detect MCU faults with high accuracy
    to ensure device safety
  • Simplify peripheral circuits
    to reduce footprint

A watchdog timer resolves these issues
Our watchdog timer with integrated power supply has the industry's
No.1* low current consumption
and enables
high-accuracy detection in a simple circuit configuration.

S-19514/5/8 Series

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A single chip that powers and monitors voltage and operation of an MCU.

[the industry’s No. 1*] lowest current consumption with fast transient response

Not only MCU power consumption, but power supply IC power consumption is indispensable to efforts aiming to reduce ECU standby current.

The S-19514/5 and S-19518 Series have the industry’s lowest self current consumption of 3.0μA typ. without a trade-off in transient response.

By using the enable pin* to set the entire IC to standby state, it is possible to control the supply of power to the MCU and also reduce standby current.  *The S-19518 Series only

High-accuracy detection of MCU faults

Automotive devices need to be safe and require WDTs capable of reliably detecting MCU faults.

 Equipped with window mode

This mode is able to detect not only long-period absence of input signals from an MCU but also short-period repeated signal input (double pulse) as faults.

≫Description of window mode advantages

 Equipped with autonomous watchdog operation function

The watchdog function is automatically turned on and off depending on load current.
This prevents the WDT from diagnosing lack of signal input from an MCU in sleep mode as a fault.

Single chip with 3 functions saves space

Incorporating the LDO regulator, reset and WDT functions into one chip reduces the number of components and saves space.

The both compact and high-heat dissipating TO-252-9S package resolves the heat problem arising from the dense assembly of components in a small footprint.

In a 6.5mm square size package and with an allowable power dissipation of 5.21W, it excels at the pin compatibility that ABLIC is known for.
We also offer a lineup of compact HSOP-8A packages (6.0 x 5.02 x t1.68mm).

A simple circuit configuration that saves space and reduces the total number of components.


  • Constant-voltage power supply for automotive electric component
  • Monitoring of microcontroller

Automotive Watchdog timer Lineup


Product name S-19514
S-19518 S-19504
  For automotive
Output current 250mA 250mA 250mA
Output voltage 3.3V , 5.0V 3.3V , 5.0V 3.3V , 5.0V
Output voltage
±2.0% (Tj = −40°C to +150°C) ±2.0% (Tj = −40°C to +150°C) ±2.0% (Tj = −40°C to +150°C)
Current consumption
during operation
3.0 µA typ. 3.2 µA typ. 3.0 µA typ.
Current consumption
during standby
Watchdog mode Window mode Window mode Time-out mode
Package HSOP-8A、TO-252-9S HSOP-8A、TO-252-9S HSOP-8A、TO-252-9S
Automotive quality PPAP capable, AEC-Q100 qualified




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S-19514/5 Series

S-19518 Series

S-19504/5 Series