Automotive, 125°C operation,
high-withstand voltage linear regulator with reset function

S-19310 Series


Requirements of devices
that operates when a vehicle is parked and the engine is off

  • Reduce standby current through intermittent operation
    to minimize system operation.

  • Ensure stable operation
    even under light load.

The S-19310 Series resolves these issues
The S-19310 Series of LDOs comes with reset function.
The world’s lowest current consumption, outstanding power supply capability support stable operation and low current consumption during intermittent operation.

S-19310 Series

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S-19310 Series

The world’s lowest current consumption for building ECUs with ultra-low consumption

The low current consumption of intermittent operation helps reduce ECU standby current

The intermittent operation is effective way to reduct the standby current of ECU.
To further reduce the standby current of ECU, the current consumption of the always-on power IC during intermittent operation must also be low.

The S-19310 Series achieves the world’s lowest self-current consumption of 2.2μA typ. When used for powering the timer IC that controls an intermittent operation system, it helps reduce the standby current of ECU.

The high-withstand voltage of 45V means the LDO can be directly connected to a 12V battery.

Enables stable operation even under light load

In conventional power supply ICs, light load would cause the output voltage to rise which could sometimes damage downstream devices.

The S-19310 Series can maintain a stable output voltage even during almost 0 load conditions.

"An ultra-low current consumption" intermittent operation system integrating a convenience timer IC

You can safely leave power supply and monitoring of intermittent operation to the S-19310 Series and the timer function to the S-35710M A Series (convenience timer IC with built-in quartz oscillator).
This combination of components lowers standby current consumption to 2.4μA during intermittent operation.

ABLIC’s ICs strongly support the building of intermittent operation systems with ultra-low current consumption.

Proposing the series that best suits your monitoring needs

You can now select the LDO series that best suits your monitoring needs.
The S-19310 Series monitors the output voltage of the built-in LDO voltage regulator.
It is ideal for powering and monitoring devices that need a stable input voltage at startup.

 ≫Monitors the SENSE pin S-19315 Series
 ≫Monitors buil-in LDO input voltage S-19316 Series

*Based on our research as of March 2020.


Devices that operate intermittently when a vehicle is parked (the engine is off)

  • EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • BMS (Battery Management System)
  • Door handle sensor

Time management applications

  • Meter
  • Car navigation system
  • TCU (Telematic Control Unit)

Automotive Voltage Regulator with Reset Function Line up


Product name S-19310 Series (A) S-19310 Series (B)
  For automotive
[Regulator block]  
Input voltage VIN=3.0 to 36.0V
Output current 40mA
Output voltage VOUT=2.9 to 5.3V, selectable in 0.1 V step
Output voltage accuracy ±2.0% (Tj = −40°C to +125°C)
[Detector block]  
Detection voltage 2.6 to (VOUT-0.3)V, selectable in 0.1 V step
Operation voltage 1.8V to 36.0V 2.5V to 36.0V
Hysteresis width “Available”: 5.0% ≤ VHYS ≤ 30.0% / “Unavailable”: VHYS = 0%
Release delay time accuracy ±20%
Output form Nch open-drain output CMOS output
Current consumption 2.2μA typ.
Package SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5, HTMSOP-8
Automotive quality AEC-Q100 qualified, PPAP capable


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S-19310 Series