Power Management ICs

16 V Input, 1000 mA, External Transistor Type Voltage Regulator S-816 Series

The S-816 series consists of external transistor type positive voltage regulators, which have been developed using the CMOS process. These voltage regulators incorporate an overcurrent protection, and power-off function. A low drop-out type regulator with an output current ranging from several hundreds of mA to 1A can be configured with the PNP transistor driven by this IC.
Despite the features of the S-816, which is low current consumption, the improvement in its transient response characteristics of the IC with a newly deviced phase compensation circuit made it possible to employ the products of the S-816 series even in applications where heavy input variation or load variation is experienced.
The S-816 series regulators serve as ideal power supply units for portable devices when coupled with the SOT-23-5 minipackage, providing numerous outstanding features, including low current consumption. Since this series can accommodate an input voltage of up to 16V, it is also suitable when operating via an AC adapter.


Low current consumption
In operation 30 µA typ. 40 µA max., When powered-off 1 µA max.
Input voltage range
16V max.
Output voltage accuracy
Output voltage range
Selectable between 2.5V and 6.0V in steps of 0.1V.
With power-off function.
A built-in current source (10 uA) eliminates the need of a base-emitter resistance.
With overcurrent (base current) protection function.
Lead-free products


  • On-board power supplies of battery devices for portable telephones, electronic notebooks, PDAs, and the like
  • Fixed voltage power supplies for cameras, video equipment and portable communications equipment.
  • Power Supplies for CPUs
  • Post-Regulators for Switching Regulators (DC/DC Converters)
  • Main Regulators in Multiple-Power Supply Systems

Standard Circuit

Standard Circuit

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
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