Power Management ICs

36V Input, 600 mA Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator S-8580AA/8580AB/8581AA/8581AB Series

Oscillation frequency: 2.2 MHz typ. product | 400 kHz typ. product

The S-8580/8581 Series is a step-down switching regulator developed using high withstand voltage CMOS process technologies.
This IC has high maximum operation voltage of 36 V and maintains high-accuracy FB pin voltage at ±1.5%. As suitable packages for high-density mounting, such as small-sized HSNT-6(2025), are adopted, this IC contributes to miniaturization of electronic equipment.
PWM control (S-8580 Series) or PWM / PFM switching control (S-8581 Series) can be selected as an option.
Since the S-8581 Series, which features PWM / PFM switching control, operates with PWM control under heavy load and automatically switches to PFM control under light load, it achieves high-efficiency operation in accordance with the device’s status. Furthermore, our distinctive PWM / PFM switching control technology suppresses the ripple voltage to be generated in VOUT while PFM control is in operation.
Since the S-8580/8581 Series has the built-in synchronous circuit, it achieves high efficiency easier compared with conventional step-down switching regulators. In addition, it has the built-in overcurrent protection circuit which protects the IC and coils from excessive load current as well as a thermal shutdown circuit which prevents damage from heat generation.


Input voltage
4.0 V to 36.0 V
Output voltage (externally set)
2.5 V to 30.0 V (S-8580 Series)
2.5 V to 12.0 V (S-8581 Series)
Output current
600 mA
FB pin voltage accuracy
Oscillation frequency
2.2 MHz typ.
Overcurrent protection function
1.2 A typ. (pulse-by-pulse method)
Thermal shutdown function
170°C typ. (detection temperature)
Short-circuit protection function
Hiccup control, Latch control
100% duty cycle operation
Soft-start function
5.8 ms typ.
Under voltage lockout function (UVLO)
3.35 V typ. (detection voltage)
Input and output capacitors
Ceramic capacitor compatible
Operation temperature range
Ta = −40°C to +85°C
Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free


  • Constant-voltage power supply for industrial equipment
  • Constant-voltage power supply for home electric appliance

Parts List

  • U(Ux), S and G at the end of the product name of ABLIC Inc. were used to indicate different material specifications as “environmental code”,
    however, these have now been unified into “lead-free and halogen-free” and are identical in terms of environmental quality.
  • Note: Lead-free plating other than 100% Sn is applied to some limited old products, therefore, please contact our sales representatives for details.
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