Low Current CMOS Single Comparator S-89210/89220 Series

The mini-analog series mounts a general purpose analog circuit within a small package.
The S-89210/89220 Series is a CMOS type single comparator that can be driven by lower voltage with lower consumption current than former bipolar comparator. This makes it the optimum solution for small battery powered portable equipment. The S-89210A/89220A Series is a single comparator.


CMOS single comparator
Low operating voltage
VDD =1.8 to 5.5V
Low current consumption
IDD=50 µA (S-89210ACNC)
IDD=10 µA (S-89220ACNC)
Low input offset voltage (4.0mV max)
Lead-free products


  • Cellular phone
  • PDA
  • Notebook PC
  • Digital camera
  • Digital video camera