Battery protection ICs for 2-cell pack

S-82A2/B2 Series


Battery protection ICs Ideal for devices requiring higher current

  • Provides high-accuracy overcurrent protection
    not impacted by battery voltage and ambient temperature.
  • External signal input pin for
    charge-discharge control and thermal protection.
  • Contributes to lowering standby current
    during long-term storage of devices.

World’s first* 2-cell battery protection IC using external current detection resistor for high-accuracy overcurrent detection

S-82A2/B2 Series

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Battery protection ICs ideal for high-accuracy overcurrent protection
and higher safety

Provides high-accuracy overcurrent protection.

The S82A2A/B/C and S-82B2A/B Series are
the world’s first* 2-serial cell battery protection ICs using an external current detection resistor to deliver high-accuracy overcurrent protection not easily susceptible to battery voltage and temperature fluctuations.
Moreover, the S-82A2A/B/C series comes with a protection IC whose charge/discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±1mV places it in the industry’s high-accuracy top class.

Contributes to better safety of small power tools, cordless  cleaners and other devices that use comparatively high current.

*Based on our research as of May 2022

Provides charge-discharge control and thermal protection

In the S-82A2A/C and S-82B2A Series, an external input to the CTL (charge-discharge control signal input) pin activates the charge-discharge control function and disables battery charge and discharge. By connecting a PTC thermistor to the CTL pin, the IC delivers thermal protection by disabling charging and discharging of the battery pack at high temperatures.

Reduces standby current

In the S-82A2B and S-82B Series, an external input to the PS (power-saving signal input) pin will activate the power-saving function and disable battery discharge.
Simultaneously, the protection IC itself suppresses current consumption to 50nA max.

This helps lowering battery consumption to virtually zero during long-term storage of devices, which contributes to reducing standby current.


  • Digital camera
  • Tablet PC
  • Radio equipment
  • Small power tool
  • Cordless cleaner
  • Gardening tool


Battery Protection ICs Lineup


Product name S-82A2A/C S-82A2B S-82B2A S-82B2B
  For general-use
Number of cells 2-cell
Product type Sense resistor
function Charge-discharge control Power-saving Charge-discharge control Power-saving
Overcharge detection voltage (Accuracy) 3.50 V to 4.80 V(±15mV) 3.50 V to 4.80 V(±20mV)
Overdischarge detection voltage (Accuracy) 2.00 V to 3.00 V(±50mV)
Discharge overcurrent 1
detection voltage (Accuracy)
0.003 V to 0.100 V(±1mV) 0.003 V to 0.100 V(±3mV)
Discharge overcurrent 2
detection voltage (Accuracy)
0.010 V to 0.100 V(±3mV) 0.010 V to 0.100 V(±5mV)
Current consumption during operation 3.0μA typ., 6.0μA max. (Ta = +25℃)
Current consumption during power-down 50nA max. (Ta = +25℃)
Package HSNT-8(1616), SNT-8A
Operation temperature range Ta= -40°C to +85°C



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S-82A2A/B/C Series

S-82B2A/B Series