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Introduction of Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Protection ICs

Lithium-ion battery protection ICs protect the lithium-ion battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and short-circuit condition.
ABLIC offer a diverse lineup of approximately 2,100 battery protection ICs covering a wide range of cell counts, applications and protection functions. We also provide strong support for safety-oriented battery pack development including high accuracy, low current consumption, small and lightweight packages, cascade connection allowing connection in series for multi cell batteries, and second protection.

1. Advantage of ABLIC products

Appropriate circuit construction

Diverse lineup

We offer a diverse lineup of as many as approximately 2,100 battery protection ICs covering a wide range of number of cells, applications and protection functions. Whatever your development needs, we deliver appropriate products.

battery protection IC ABLIC achivement

Safe and secure products

30 years in the industry

We have been developing and producing battery protection ICs since 1993, and have a track record of 30 years in the industry.

Improves battery performance

High accuracy, low power

We use a high-withstand voltage CMOS process to produce ICs that are extremely accurate and low current consuming.

Small, thin and light

Use of the world’s smallest-class package measuring 1.2 mm × 1.2 mm saves precious space, meeting the needs of developers creating small, thin and lightweight battery packs.

2. Proposal of protection circuit [for 1 cell pack]


Power-saving function

Discharge current of the battery pack and current consumption of the protection circuit can be virtually eliminated during shipping of the battery pack.

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3. Proposal of protection circuit [for multi-cell pack]

Advantage of ABLIC’s battery protection ICs for multi-cell

  1. Able to function independent of microcontroller
    • No need to develop complex control software.
    • Continuously monitors battery status through stand-alone operation.
    • Solid hardware protection improves the safety of battery packs.
  2. The addition of protection ICs helps to improve safety
    • In accordance with UL, IEC and other standards, it may be necessary to implement measures for single faults.
      Integrating protection IC into the system helps you comply with standards.
  3. Technical capabilities to support the realization of optimal protection circuits
    • We provide technical support from selecting and combining optimal products to designing customized protection circuits.
    • For details, please contact our sales office.


Thermal protection function

A single NTC thermistor enables temperature monitoring at four points, two (high / low)points per each charge / discharge, and controlling the charge / discharge of batteries.

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Web Shop(Online Samples)

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Lithium-ion Battery Protection ICs Selection table

4. Protection circuits proposal service

ABLIC proposes protection circuits with protection functions that are optimally tailored to accommodate your applications and cell number configuration.
For details, please contact our sales office .

Lithium-ion battery protection ICs are available online

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Lithium-ion battery protection ICs are available online!

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