Automotive, 125°C Operation, 36V Input, 50mA
Voltage Tracker with Reverse Current Protection

S-19720 Series


The voltage tracker that solves the issues affecting an ECU with off-board sensors

  • High-accuracy sensing provides safer control.

  • Small packages reduce overall footprint.

  • Low current consumption lowers ECU standby current.

The industry’s lowest* offset voltage

Automotive voltage tracker
S-19720 Series

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S-19720 Series

Low offset voltage, small size and low current consumption contribute to higher-accuracy sensing

Contributes to higher-accuracy sensing

The electrification of automobiles and the introduction of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) mean a great variety of sensors has to be installed to enable high accuracy for safe control.

The S-19720 is a voltage tracker with the industry’s lowest offset voltage of ±5mV.
This helps keep the power supply voltage of the off-board ratiometric sensor equal to the reference voltage (Vref) of the AD converter (ADC) handling ECU measurements, raising sensor reading accuracy.

» What is a Voltage Tracker?

Reduces overall footprint

The voltage tracker with its 36V input and 50mA output current is housed in an HSNT-6(2025), the industry’s smallest package.
The S-19720 helps further reduce the footprint of automotive devices.

The S-19720 also integrates an overcurrent protection circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit and a reverse current protection function.
As a result, it will protect an ECU even in the event of a short to power / short to ground in a wire harness.

Lowers ECU standby current

When IG is off, off-board sensors such as current sensors, ambient light sensors do not need to perform sensing; therefore, they are not supplied power by a tracker. However, the reverse current protection function, which protects an ECU even in the event of a short to power in a wire harness, has to continue to operate.

The S-19720 achieves the industry’s lowest class current consumption during power-off of 4µA typ. when this function operates.


  • Power supply for an automotive ECU off-board ratiometric sensors
ECU Off-board ratiometric sensor
Inverter Current sensor
On-board Charger Current sensor
BMS Temperature sensor
EPS Torque sensor
Body Control Module Ambient light sensor
HVAC Temperature sensor
Cluster Fuel sender gauge
Engine Control Unit Angular position sensor
Electric Fuel Injection Pressure sensor

Automotive Connection Diagnosis IC Lineup


Product name S-19720
Input voltage 4.0V to 36.0V
Offset voltage ±5mV (0.1mA ≤ IOUT ≤ 50mA)
Dropout voltage 160mV typ. (VADJ / EN = 4.0V, IOUT = 10mA)
Output current  Possible to output 50mA (VIN = VADJ / EN + 2.0V) 
Current consumption During operation: 30µA typ.
During power-off: 4.0μA typ.
Package SOT-23-5,
Automotive quality AEC-Q100 qualified
Operation temperature range Ta = -40°C to +125°C


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S-19720 Series