Automotive, 125°C operation, 36V input, 1A, Low EMI,
synchronous step-down switching regulator

S-19914/5 Series


Automotive ECU / module issues

  • Lower noise switching regulators that do not interfere with wireless devices

  • Smaller automotive ECUs / modules needed to cope with the ever-increasing number of automotive ECUs / modules

Built-in spread spectrum clock generation circuit, the industry’s smallest package*

S-19914/5 Series
promises to solve these issues.

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Reduces conducted emission to about 1/3. Ideal small single chip.

Reduces noise

Reduces noise

S-19914/5 Series comes with a built-in spread spectrum clock generation circuit to reduce conducted emission and radiated emission.
The circuit spreads the operating frequency range across a wide bandwidth during PWM operation to suppress noise peaks for specific frequency ranges.
This reduces noise to about 1/3 of our conventional products.

S-19914/5 Series simplifies noise countermeasures and contributes to low-noise automotive cameras and ECUs.

Industry's smallest* ultra-small package

Industry's smallest* ultra-small package

An automotive-grade switching regulator (DC-DC converter) with a 36V input capable of direct connection to a battery, 1A output current and synchronous rectification housed in an HSNT-8(2030), the industry’s smallest package*.
Thanks to an ultra-small package and an oscillation frequency of 2.2MHz, the total mounting area is the industry’s smallest.

Our lineup also includes the HTMSOP-8, a gull-wing package, when mountability is a prime concern.

Facilitates ripple countermeasures

Facilitates ripple countermeasures

S-19915 Series employs a proprietary low-ripple circuit that ensures low ripple without any external parts.

Other company products with similar functions recommend use of 20µF output capacitors. However, S-19915 Series makes do with output capacitors with half the capacity of 10µF while generating 10mV or less ripple across the full load current range during PFM control as well as PWM control.

S-19915 Series therefore not only shrinks the size of output capacitors, but also lowers costs.


Automotive camera

  • View Camera Module
  • Sensing Camera Module
  • Drive Recorder
  • Camera ECU

Check application examples in the block diagram≫

Electrical application for vehicle interior

  • Rear View Mirror
  • Head Up Display
  • Mood Lamp

Automotive use

  • Motor Driver
  • Security Sensor Module
  • Sensor unit
  • ECU (Electric Control Unit)

ABLIC’s automotive switching regulator lineup


Product name S-19914 A/B S-19915 A/B
Control method PWM PWM / PFM switching
Oscillation frequency 2.2MHz typ.
Input voltage VIN = 4.0 to 36.0V
Spread spectrum clock generation function FSSS = +6% typ. (Diffusion rate)
FB pin voltage accuracy ±1.5%
Efficiency 91%
Overcurrent protection function  1.85A typ. (pulse-by-pulse method) 
Thermal shutdown function 170°C typ. (detection temperature)
Short-circuit protection function Hiccup control / Latch control (selectable)
Duty cycle 100% Duty cycle operation
Soft-start function 5.8ms typ.
Operation temperature range Ta = −40°C to +125°C
AEC-Q100 Qualified


Application note

Application note

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S-19914 Series

S-19915 Series