Automotive 150℃ Operation High-withstand Voltage High-speed
ZCL® Hall Effect IC

S-57TZ S Series


Requirements for Automotive BLDC

  • To realize comfortable car room
    Low noise & quiet operation
  • To reduce the load on car battery
    operating at high efficiency
  • To be design-friendly
    Low profile & Compact

ZCL® Hall effect IC meets these requirements

The new generation of Hall effect ICs
reduces design work and produces
high-performance motors

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S-57TZ S Series

The ZCL hall effect IC is
a new generation of Hall effect ICs
that change the output signal at the
point polarity changes (zero crossing point) and employs

the world’s first*1 detection method optimized for
brushless DC motor control.

Explains the World’s First Detection Mechanism
≫”What is a ZCL Hall effect IC?”

ZCL Hall Effect ICs Ideal for BLDC Motors

3 Advantages the ZCL Hall effect IC Brings to Motor Design

Rotation angle detection is not easily impacted by changes in magnetic flux

Rotation angle detection is not easily impacted by changes in magnetic flux

The Hall effect IC for BLDC motor control applies the magnetic flux density from rotating magnets.

The ZCL Hall Effect IC changes the signal output at the point polarity changes(zero crossing point), without depending on the magnitude of the magnetic flux density.

Zero cross point is constant because it is not affected by changes in the distance between the magnets and the sensor or changes in temperature.

The ZCL Hall effect IC simplifies complex software calibrations and tolerance calculations. These advantages further simplify the design of DC motors with constant high efficiency and low noise characteristics.

[World’s Top Class] Compact & Low Profile Motor Housing

[World’s Top Class] Compact & Low Profile Motor Housing

ZCL technology ensures detection even of magnetic flux generated by tiny magnets.
To apply this technology to its fullest possible extent, the S-57TZ S Series is made available in a surface mount package that enables highly flexible placement.

This new package is the TSOT-23-3S (2.9 x 2.8 x t0.8mm), the world’s lowest profile package, which shrinks the distance between the magnet and the PCB to the footprint of the world standard SOT-23-3 (2.9 x 2.8 x t1.3mm) package.

Specifications ideal for motors

Specifications ideal for motors

-High ESD Performance

To cope with the harsh environment during motor installation, it has anti-ESD performance of HBM:8,000.

-Built-in reverse voltage protection circuit

Prevents Hall effect ICs from damage of reverse connection caused when connecting to battery or repairing a car.

-Automotive quality

Assuming use in harsh environment, S-57TZ S Series has been subjected to the triple temperature test (low, normal, high) for use in harsh environment. In addition, it is PPAP capable and AEC-Q100 qualified (operation temperature grade 0).


Automotive BLDC motor

Ideal for applications that require high efficiency, high reliability, and low noise

-Power sliding doors /power back doors operating when the ignition is off

-Fan motors / Power seats operating when the engine is off

[Automotive] Hall effect ICs for Motors


Product name S-57TZ S Series
  For Automotive
Power supply voltage range VDD=2.7V to 26.0V
Pole detection ZCL detection
Output logic * VOUT = “L” at S pole detection / VOUT = “H” at S pole detection
Output form * Nch open-drain output / Nch driver + built-in pull-up resistor (1.2 kΩ typ.)
Zero crossing latch point BZ=0.0mT typ.
Release point (S pole) * BRS= 3.0 mT typ / BRS= 6.0 mT typ
Chopping frequency fC= 500kHz typ.
Output delay time tD=8.0μs typ.
Operation temperature range Ta = −40°C to +150°C
Automotive quality PPAP capable, AEC-Q100 qualified


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S-57TZ S Series