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ABLIC Inc., Launches the S-35710/20 (I-Series) Wake-up Timer IC - Ultra-low Power Consumption and Highly Flexible Wake-up Time Settings Facilitate Intermittent System Operation -

ABLIC Inc. (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, hereinafter “ABLIC”) today launched the S-35710/20 (I-Series), a wake-up timer IC with ultra-low power consumption that allows flexible wake-up time settings. This product has already been launched as a convenience timer for automotive use, but the new S-35710/20 (I-Series) timer IC was launched as a general-purpose wake-up timer IC. A wake-up timer IC is an IC that enables intermittent system operation by periodically starting up the system.

The current consumption of the new S-35710/20 (I-Series) product is as low as approximately 0.2μA, or only about 1/5 (*1) of the current consumption of an MCU in sleep mode. Wake-up time can be set in 1-second increments over a wide time period from 1 second to 194 days making it a highly flexible wake-up timer IC. Integrating this IC in an existing system will help you easily build a low power consumption system.
Where ABLIC's S-1318 Series LDO is used as a power supply with this IC, it is possible to build an intermittent operating system with an extremely low power consumption of 0.3μA or less. This will enable to develop batteries with longer life and compact size and to pave the way for other systems with ultra-low power consumption.
(*1) According to our survey

Major Features

1. Ultra-low current consumption: 0.2μA typ.

2. Flexible wake-up time settings

3. Simple command settings (S-35710)

Three commands provide appropriate control of wake-up time settings as follows.

  • Write wake-up time register (Wwtr)
    A command used for setting the wake-up time. A program provides flexible settings.
  • Read wake-up time register (Rwtr)
    A command used for confirming the set wake-up time.
  • Read time register (Rtr)
    A command used for confirming elapsed time.
    Using this command with the Write wake-up time register makes it easy to properly confirm that a wake-up time has been set.

Application Examples

  • IoT communication devices, monitoring devices, security devices, and a wide variety of other
    battery-powered systems and energy harvesting systems

Product Detail

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